But the doctrine would never have been fully apprehended but for the historic reality.2. INEFFABLE GRACE combined with RESOLUTE FIRMNESS.1. (4) These qualities in Him are at the full. He came as our champion; set up His pavilion among us; took the military oath with shedding of blood at His circumcision and passion. Cynddylan Jones, D. D.Inasmuch as God is unchangeable, and the love exhibited in Bethlehem was in Him from days of old, I make bold to affirm that He embraced the first opportunity to work out the redemption of the race. You know it now because the word was made sound, and you caught it. "In Him was life; and the life was the light of men." The Incarnation reveals the Fatherhood of God. I, like so many others I’m sure, am blessed by your gift of words and insight. (1) As prophet; for as God He knows the mind and will of God (John 1:18; John 3:13); as man He is fitted to impart it to us (Deuteronomy 18:15-18 cf. The Incarnation was to man a revelation of God; to angels an inveiling of God.III. It took God longer time, perhaps greater pains, to beget Christ in the human mind than to beget Him in the Virgin's womb. The Divine did not assume the human necessarily but voluntarily; not out of indigence, but bounty; not because it was to be perfected by it, but to perfect it.2. And shall He who creates the capacity leave it unsatisfied?III. The stormy ages will be calmed only because a Divine voice has said " Peace be still." The human nature was united to the Divine. The human nature was united to the Divine. He is neither an insignificant atom nor God. Andrews.I. The singular advancement of Christ's human nature, it being hereby replenished with an unparalleled measure of Divine graces (Psalm 45:8), and so He becomes the object of worship (Acts 7:59).3. That the righteous law of heaven might be honoured.5. "(c)The world. And He let us know them by sending Jesus Christ into the world. The gracious character of the Saviour is a reason why His people should continually apply to Him.4. When we "have told its isles of light, and fancied all beyond," there must yet be heights and depths in that High and Lofty One who inhabiteth eternity which no fancy, however soaring, can penetrate. The perpetuity of Christ's human nature is the guarantee of an immortalized personality° And our individual interest in Jesus will not prevent us sharing the enthusiasm we may rightly feel concerning the destiny of His Church. Full of grace.3. "All things were made by Him." To have taken the nature of angels — to have appeared on earth in the pomp of majesty had been a humiliation.IV. The concourse and co-operation of each nature to His mediatory works, for in them He acts according to both natures. At His Resurrection.6. Moral influence or persuasion would have left man's past disobedience uncancelled, the sanctities of law despised, authority abolished by Him in whom it was established. The Incarnation, then, was but the beginning of a great career which is still in progress. Flavel. The Incarnation, then, was but the beginning of a great career which is still in progress. The unsearchable love which showed itself at the beginning brought Him down again from His Father's bosom.2. What responsibilities!(Bp. We have seen. THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS DOCTRINE. Left to himself he has no solid ground of confidence in any estimate he may form. Man has alternately depreciated and exaggerated His importance. )The grand purpose of the IncarnationW. We are not now dealing with the limited powers of men but with the omnipotence of God; and what the Almighty chooses in His wisdom to do, even if it be to assume a human form, He can do.II. "( Augustine. Patton.I. The Light that was only inward; and, being only inward, was dimmed and almost quenched by man's darkness; must needs become outward also, in order that it may shine in all its native purity and strength, and shining thus may reveal God to man, and man to himself. Abiding in the vine, the branch lives, grows, bears fruit. Now it preaches that man is under law to an extent which makes it idle to speak of forgiveness. )The relation of the Incarnation to modern problemsProf. The intensity of kindness may always be measured by the sacrifices to which it leads. He took a body like ours in order that we might know God's thoughts about us; and the more we know Jesus the more we know of God's mind. THE ANALOGY between those two Incarnations.1. We are not now dealing with the limited powers of men but with the omnipotence of God; and what the Almighty chooses in His wisdom to do, even if it be to assume a human form, He can do.II. R. He came but of an errand, to sojourn till He had done it, and being done He laid His tabernacle aside.3. In the first, Christ is introduced to us by John the Baptist as the Lamb of God; in the second, He is the Temple of God; in the third, He is the glorious anti-type of the brazen serpent; in the fourth, He says, in answer to the woman's question, "I Am;" in the fifth, He is the Judge of all; in the sixth, He says: "I am the Bread of Life;" in the seventh, He is the Water of Life; in the eighth and ninth, He says twice: "I am the Light of the World; " in the tenth, He says: "I am the good shepherd;" in the eleventh, He says: "I am the Resurrection and the Life; " in the twelfth, He is the King of Zion riding in triumph to His capital; in the thirteenth, He is the perfect Exemplar; in the fourteenth, He says: "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life;" in the fifteenth, He says: "I am the True Vine;" in the sixteenth, He is the Precursor of the Comforter; in the seventeenth, He is the great Intercessor; in the eighteenth, He is, by His own solem asseveration to Pilate, the King of a spiritual domain, whose fundamental principle is truth; in the nineteenth, He is the Willing Victim; and in the twentieth, He is again the Resurrection and the Life.IV.
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