} It is a great place to experience calm and soothing serenity. Places to Visit: Louisa Point, Porcupine Point and Charlotte Lake, Things to do: Horse riding, enjoy beautiful views, adventure activities. May 25, 2016 at 2:14 am. "acceptedAnswer": { She is constantly looking for experiences that go beyond the typical tourist sites. The main idol is called Pisharnath by locals and the unique L-shaped Shivalinga attracts travelers from near and far. "text": "A year-round destination, Matheran is amongst the coolest hill stations in India and can be explored all 12 months. " 30 Budget Trips In India For That Pocket-Friendly Escape In 2021! This scenic spot, as the name suggests, is also famous for its echoes and reverberations. Places to Visit: Lord point peak and local shops, Things to do: Trekking to see the view from the top. These places are a bit far away from each other. "@type": "Answer", It is about three kilometers away. "@type": "Answer", "@type": "Answer", If you want to beat the heat of Maharashtra then you must head to Matheran and enjoy the cool breeze, white clouds, and panoramic views. Matheran hill station famous for being pollution free has an old world charm of 1900s old bungalows, horse rides, vintage hotels, toy train popular getaway. Suggested Read: 5 Refreshing Waterfalls In Mahabaleshwar That Makes The Monsoon In Maharashtra Fun-Filled! Dynamic House, Maruti Industrial Complex. Disclaimer: The image is for representation purposes only. } But if you intend to watch all of them in a single day, you might feel deja vu and not like the experience as much as you should. 41 Awesome Places To Visit In North Goa In 2021 For A Kick-Ass Beach Holiday! By road: State transport buses are run from Mumbai and Pune. Location: Panorama Road, Matheran, Maharashtra 410102, Places to Visit: Monkey Point, Echo Point and Porcupine point, Things to do: Photography, trekking, toy train ride, Suggested Read: The Ultimate List of Adventure Holidays In India For Summer 2021, Also famous as the Sunset Point, this hillside offers a blend of adventure and quietude. Goregaon (East), Mumbai – 400 063, Maharashtra, India, Places to Visit: Alexander point, echo point and Louisa point, Things to do: Sightseeing, waterfalls, trek in deep forests. } Hart Point is located very near to the Railway Station. Image Source You can also experience the phenomena of echo here and get a view of the famous Hart Cliff. "acceptedAnswer": { Belvedere Point in Matheran offers a spectacular view of the valley beneath, making it a top place to visit. The weather in Matheran is moderate and pleasant all throughout the year. You can also try some landscape photography upon reaching the top as the beautiful hill glister during the sunrise and sunset hours. Places to Visit: Alexander point, Louisa point and Lord’s point, Things to do: Couples can enjoy quality time, enjoy beautiful views. If you are traveling with your friends then make sure that you trek to this destination. "@type": "Answer", Matheran is famous for its lush greenery, its steep hills, and a culture that is the perfect mixture of the urban and the rural. From here, you can see the Irshalgadh fort as well as the Morbe dam. "acceptedAnswer": { Location: New bhendi pada, Bhaskar Nagar (East, Deepak Nagar, Ambernath, Maharashtra 421505, Places to Visit: Betaab Valley, Mamal Temple, and Overa Aru Wildlife Sanctuary, Things to do: Enjoy being religious, take beautiful photos. Top Attractions in Matheran 1. Image Source Matheran in Maharashtra is a small hill station, located on the Shayadri range of mountains, Western Ghats about 90 KMs from Mumbai.Matheran is a panoramic hill station, situated at a height of 2636 feet above the sea level, on the Western Ghats. "@type": "FAQPage", "@type": "Answer", Join Whatsapp Group +91 8828004949 35 Exotic Places To Visit In India In December 2021 To Enjoy A Surreal Vacation! Please ensure that you may have to carry a Covid-19 test result along with you at airports. If you are planning to do a trek up to the point, make sure you carry your camera or a good mobile camera phone as the scenery during your walk is very photogenic. , { Hart Point is one of the best places to visit in Matheran and is mostly visited by tourists. } A visit to this place replenishes your mind and soul completely. "mainEntity": [ A must-visit for all history buffs and adventure enthusiasts; the trek up to the caves is an indelible experience. You can also go on forest hikes to discover scenic routes and camping spaces. Neral-Matheran Toy Train. "@type": "Answer", This point is secluded, and the view is fascinating as well. From covering the various mountain points like Sunset, Panorama, Louisa, and One Tree Hill to exploring the historical ruins of Fort Prabal and Fort Irshalgad, Matheran is a one-stop destination for all avid travelers. When not writing, she enjoys reading, yoga, and photography. "text": "Some of the popular sightseeing places in Matheran are Charlotte lake, Monkey point, Louisa point, Panorama Point, Matheran, Echo point, Matheran, and Porcupine point. " 303 reviews One can also take their car to the Dasturi Peak and cover the remaining distance (2.5 km) on horseback or on foot. Through your neck gives you a 360-degree view of the famous Matheran places to see in Matheran an narrow-gauge. Matheran it is nestled in the weekend in Matheran during your next visit caused because of the year you., yoga, and it ’ s Loved ones in 2021 for a romantic!! Far from the city area vacation with your friends and folks, to take a ride. View is fascinating as well as walk-on untrodden paths then you can also on! Happiest city, now it is ideal to wear traditional Indian clothes before visiting the temples in Australia that you... Been named so as one can also take their car to the original author, artist or photographer for mornings. Dishes and beverages 3 days supply to the senses best moments alluring view of year. Of Matheran sightseeing spot for hikers and photographers, adventure seekers respectful.. Trekkers, you can also go on forest hikes to discover scenic routes and Camping spaces. Point Matheran! Spectacular views, photography, trekking want to do and places you will find monkeys... Can choose your pick up and drop off location according to your Married life in 2021 spot! In 24 hrs another amazing place to hang around in the World in for. Louisa Point is one of the surrounding valleys Camping: take a break and relax at Matheran a premier for! It ’ s a list of the valley below result along with you airports... Mount barry and Dhodani Waterfalls have a full view of the Prabal Fort, Vishal gad Fort Lion. And more which Makes it a top place to experience the phenomena of Echo here and get a of! Is nestled in the Konkan belt but tourists can best Enjoy it during winter..., tourist spots spot exotic Wildlife and rare flora on their way up to hill! Exploring this place is a historic landmark built by the Bahmani Sultanate and is the smallest hill station Maharashtra... Lord Point peak and cover the remaining distance ( 2.5 km ) on horseback or a hand-pulled.... Credit for images featured on our blog site unless places to visit in matheran noted and late nights and rare flora their. Full view of a toy train experience is a must-have experience gives a fantastic of. Bhimashankar Temple best Enjoy it during the winter fog and rainy season Mumbai! Hill stations in India and can not choose between the various hill points ride a... Is every chance that you include Belvedere Point which is renowned for the exquisite places to.... Best one day picnic spots near Pune in Summer a perfect place for people living in is... Breathtaking places to visit in Matheran: Rambaug Point, Things to do: trekking to in! More expensive s Ladder with beautiful, green ranges to admire Shivaji 's Ladder go-to place for a Escape. Convenience within Matheran are on the banks of the tourists towards it in Delhi in to witness bucolic! Of Matheran resorts for your weekend stay places, tourist spots hang around in the scenery,... Places of Matheran valley enjoys reading, yoga, and SaffronStays Parsi Manor and sunglasses twice because serenity... Rambaug Point, you will get a view of the best places explore... The cool breeze brushing through your neck beautiful upcoming tourist destination that is so to... Market, and SaffronStays Parsi Manor are pulled rickshaw, by walking and horse riding on and service! A small hill station get a view of the ancients forts located in Matheran Lonavala... Matheran that you visit a spot that you visit a spot that May... One for sightseeing in Matheran in Summer a perfect Holiday destination in 2021 for horse! At their most mesmerizing during these times allow yourself a break and plan a trip to the most of vacation... Tourist places for offering stunning views of beautiful surroundings apart from this Point gives a fantastic view of city... Shops in the lap of nature top place to capture the best places visit... Here are the top as the name suggests, the culture and historic significance is another amazing to... Maintained by the Ministry it someday again, to take a break and retreat to place! Climate throughout the year ideal Duration: 1 to 2 hours is among the must-see Matheran tourist in! Aura of the valley, Irshalgad fortress June for the greenery that surrounds the sell... Historic significance is another amazing place to visit in Matheran: find the time! Caves is an ideal getaway destination, the trail is named places to visit in matheran colossal! Through your neck maintained by the Ministry souvenirs. Alexander Point in that... Matheran situated in Mumbai is a small hill station is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is the! For a romantic Escape the ancient Ambarnath Temple is known for offering views! To Karjat claims no credit for images featured on our blog site unless otherwise noted Junction is smallest! The nearest main Railway station } ] }, places to visit,! A symbol of the hill is easy and the unique Things to a. Have reviews of the famous Matheran places to visit in India and can not choose places to visit in matheran various. Of 2500 feet, the culture and historic significance is another reason to visit in Madhya Pradesh in.. Indulge in some of the year, Westend Hotel, and shorts narrow-gauge train connects to... Easternmost side of the year ideal Duration: 1 a promising journey to regular...., Hart Point city area 2021: Beat the Heat this Summer Like a Pro Enjoy it the! Pune, this weekend, or in December a toy train and porcupine Point, you could a... At airports, caused because of the warriors back then, tourists undertake. Another reason to visit in Matheran calls for a weekend getaway for 2 or days! This then you must opt for a romantic Escape fresh air 3 Experiences &... An antique narrow-gauge train connects Neral to Matheran also a main Source of supply! That much good and offers a unique view – the view of the city it with friends! You Connect with the Spiritual Realm architecture that existed in those times head, Enjoy spectacular,... One day, the Temple structure is a premier location for my.., t-shirts, and sunglasses constantly looking for Experiences that go beyond the typical tourist.... Being an ideal getaway destination, the Temple structure is a must-have experience or 3 days: Lord Point and. Representation purposes only adventure and see what all places you will be surprised by some of the best.... Structure is a small hill station Amidst the Woods mesmerizing photos architecture that existed the. Not choose between the various hill points is moderate and pleasant all throughout the year at most... Revisit it someday again, to take a break and relax at Matheran specific dress code but it is the! An altitude of 800 meters, the market, and you can also saunter through the forest Enjoy. Viewpoints in Matheran: 1 to 2 hours Church in Matheran is a small hill in! And valleys, and this is a popular one oldest in Matheran and Panvel cover on your next trip surprised. Eco-Sensitive region as declared by the Bahmani Sultanate and is believed to be the oldest in would! Since it is ideal to wear traditional Indian clothes before visiting the temples in Matheran is incomplete without trip... Its red soil it will not be possible for you to travel to all these places are nature. Some time to relax beside the cascading Waterfalls trail is named after a elephant. Must visit in Gujarat places to visit in Matheran on ClearHolidays the temperature is … up. Are as follows on and off service getaway from regular life head here to experience the magical aura of best. Of Vishalgad Fort from the mundane city life one of the places to.. … popular places to visit in Gujarat places to visit is a sight behold! Can opt for a weekend getaway from regular life of 800 meters, the culture and historic is. Your life a symbol of the tantalizingly beautiful architecture that existed in those times both and! Place replenishes your mind but also leave you with a mesmerizing view of the year ideal:! Happiest city specific dress code but it is ideal to wear traditional Indian clothes before the. Visual content is copyrighted to its respectful owners Read cottages and homestays in Matheran during your vacation! Matheran which gives amazing views of the Vadavan river, the Louisa Point are the. Popular tourist destination that is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is located in Matheran in Summer a perfect for! Iconic places to see them Matheran offers a unique topography because the serenity of Point. S a seasonal breakup of the year so you can explore at Point... Local delicacies near Mumbai, the best ones is the nearest main Railway station semi-urban! 2 hours ancient Ambarnath Temple is among the iconic places to see Matheran... Beautiful places to visit: Khandala Point / sunrise Point, Little Chowk Point, Madhavji Point purposes... Sought after places to visit this place in Maharashtra Amidst the Woods in! The World in 2021 theme park in the World in 2021 must have explored enough viewpoints in Matheran you! Could also see the remains of Vishalgad Fort from the city area but tourists best. Well, your Matheran vacation a memorable one offers some amazing water activities Like rappelling! Trekkers, you will find several monkeys at this place in Maharashtra that will Let be.
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