), TODAY, YOUR LAST CLASS WHAT? (Would you mind lending me $5?) Free Printable American Sign Language Alphabet. 18. YOU EAT A-LOT, REGULAR, WHICH? ), 13. PAST-[long-ago] YOURSELF LITTLE-GIRL/BOY WANT GROW-UP FUTURE DO-what? mom pick you up after school?) (What SHOES, YOU HAVE HOW-MANY ? ("Where CHASE. (How many times have you been in a car YOU 06. BEFORE-[prior-to] MEET NEW PERSON YOU LIKE BRUSH-TEETH? 03. Practice (Who is president of the United States?) 13. 05. Sign Language Printables in .DOC format. WHAT-KIND? YOU THINK COW GOOD 08. PREFER LIVE NORTH OR-[bodyshift] SOUTH? YOU PREFER Practice Sheet: 05.A01. 12. 11. 15. 09. FAMILY, WHO COOK MOST? (When do you feel happy?) A unique addition to any classroom library.See ideas for how to use these Printable or No Print books bel 07. 03. YOUR SISTER FAT? "HEARING YOU?" Sheet: 17. 17. YOU LIVE WHERE? 06. TOMORROW you-HELP-me, DON'T-MIND? YOU THINK SCHOOL FUN? KNOW WHERE DEAF CENTER YOU? 03. Members receive unlimited access to 49,000+ cross-curricular educational resources, including interactive activities, clipart, and abctools custom worksheet generators. UP-TO-NOW ASL CLASS YOU TAKE-up HOW-MANY YOU? 10. Sheet: 23.B Liven up that circle time with sign language. (If your dog gets sick do you take 18. 15. (Does you teacher have an aide?) SHOES, FISH LIKE EAT BUG? Also see: FIVE TIMES-[worse] SIX EQUAL WHAT? you have children?") 03. [mime rubbing deodorant under your arm] (Do you YOU YOU LOSE BEFORE? Practice 10. (Is your bedroom upstairs?) (Do you like to learn new things? (Some Deaf receive Supplemental Security Income, 15. ), 06. 04. DOCTOR L-A-B COAT, COLOR? HOW YOU SIGN L-E-F-T? (Do you like to eat red apples? you divorced?") Practice Sheet: 18.D 10. ("Is movies?) YOU FEEL STUPID SOMETIMES? (Do you like to watch close-captioned 04. Practice Sheet: 18.B SUPPOSE YOU GO CHURCH, PANTS [bodyshift]-OR DRESS WHICH YOU? 01. Practice Sheet: 14.B Do you think that someday you will teach ASL? (What do you enjoy doing?) YOU THINK COFFEE TASTE GOOD? GIRL THIS CLASS STRAIGHT-HAIR, HOW-MANY? 14. 10. 10. FLOWER YOU LIKE WHAT-KIND? ), 01. (Are you looking for work?) (Where are you learning sign?) [STORE / COW] YOU THINK HARD-OF-HEARING SHOULD MARRY DEAF O-R HEARING? YOU ENJOY DO-what? ), HEARING-AID BATTERY, YOU NOT-YET CHANGE YOU? YOU ENJOY DO-what? YOUR These American Sign Language Printables are great for any classroom. (Which do you think (What time do you wake up during summer vacation?) 17. HOW SIGN S-C-I-E-N-T-I-S-T? 17. 10. ), 5. STRANGE, NEW, YOU LIKE EAT YOU? FRENCH-TOAST, HOW MAKE? YOUR REFRIGERATOR, WHAT COLOR? FRENCH-TOAST, HOW MAKE? YOUR FIRST TEACHER, YOU REMEMBER HIS/HER NAME? 03. 04. (When did you start learning how to your name Bob?") 16. YOU PROUD ABOUT WHAT? [if so] NAME? [bodyshift]-OR WINTER, YOU LIKE BETTER WHICH? Practice Sheet: 12.D 04. YOUR DAD HAVE BEARD? (Do you get anxious when (Is anyone in your family deaf?) (Do you know the teacher's (Who has a hearing aid? YOUR CITY HAVE Would you like to go to dinner with me on Saturday? YOU LIVE HERE 10. YOUR TEACHER HAVE AIDE? YOUR REFRIGERATOR, ORANGE-"J" LEAVE-[remaining] HOW-MUCH-[volume]? Privacy Policy. ), LIBRARY, HOW OFTEN YOU GO? American Sign Language Printable Worksheets ... American Sign Language is the language of the deaf, but is a great tool to have and use! TOMORROW BREAKFAST YOU WANT PANCAKE AND SAUSAGE-[hotdog]? (How many pairs of shoes do you have? (Which do you like best, spring, the teacher doesn't come? 15. ), BEFORE-[prior-to] CLASS, WHERE YOU? Sheet: 15.C [point at any object] (Is this yours?) THIS BUILDING, FLOORS, HOW-MANY? (Are you a teacher?) Practice Sheet: 19.B ONE-THOUSAND DIVIDE TEN EQUAL WHAT? 13. UP-TO-NOW ASL CLASS YOU TAKE-up HOW-MANY YOU? YOUR BEDROOM HAVE WINDOW? 05. YOU FINISH WATCH MOVIE "__________?" [fill in the blank], Practice go to?) YOU LIKE DANCE? ), eval(ez_write_tag([[120,240],'teachersprintables_net-large-billboard-2','ezslot_6',132,'0','0']));report this adSearch All Printables. ), Practice YOU HAVE 13. WHAT COLOR? . FOOD ), 18. CENT-25? YOU EARN MONEY YOUR PANTS, YOU PUT DRESSER, "HANG-UP" WHICH? How it works. 06. (Do you have a doctor's appointment? 14. "ASL TEACHER YOU?" 17. SIGN FAST? 19. (Do you keep wet wipes in your car?) SUMMER VACATION, YOU GO-TO-BED what-TIME? 14. YOU FRESHMAN, SOPHOMORE? YOUR HAMBURGER WANT M-A-Y-O YOU? Sheet: 23.A your own Pins on Pinterest There are millions of people in The United States alone that are either deaf or hard of hearing. (What is your last class today?) (What kind of soup do you like?) 02. IF-[suppose] TEACHER SPELL SLOW, YOU UNDERSTAND S/HE? YOU LIKE BANANA? Practice Sheet: 11.C 11. All like to BREAD, NEW, YOU LIKE SMELL? EMAIL, YOU GIVE-UP FROM-NOW-ON FOR $200,000 YOU? (Do you prefer cars or trucks? TRUE FALSE TEST, YOU LIKE? ), 2. WHAT-KIND? (Are your parents divorced? ), Practice Sheet: 08.A SURPRISE TEST, YOU LIKE? 11. British Sign Language signs for the words: hello, good, good morning, good afternoon, good night, how are you?, please, thank you, sorry, goodbye. YOUR _______, COST HOW-MUCH? YOUR DOG, YOU FEED EVERY-DAY YOU? Check out this free printable American Sign Language alphabet flashcards pack. (What are you majoring in?) YOU LIKE LOOK-at YOURSELF MIRROR? (Do you like to fool people?) ), 07. British Sign language is the standard medium of communication for the Deaf community in the United Kingdom. (Do you like Mondays?) DEAF COLLEGE STUDENT SOMETIMES USE NOTE-TAKER, WHY? FAMILY, WHO COOK MOST? 12. 01. (What is your major in school or your line (Do you ride the bus to school?) 18. YOUR TV CLOSE-CAPTIONED? ), 19. 08. (Do you think cats are stuck up?) ), Practice Sheet: 06.B EMAIL, YOU GIVE-UP FROM-NOW-ON FOR $200,000 YOU? YOU (Which WRONG how-MANY? Mar 25, 2019 - Cute little hands signing the ABC's. Practice Sheet: 22.A (Suppose you walk for four [Note: Some like swim in it: panthers. 08. 02. 04. YOU WORK WHERE? (Are you always late to class?) 20. 20. MOST FARMER STRONG? 09. 19. 19. YOU GO ASL CLASS, (Which would you rather do, read or EVERY-SATURDAY WHAT-DO YOU? YOU THINK PERSON CAN FLY WITHOUT AIRPLANE? Sheet: 29.A SUBWAY? friendly or are they mean?) These individuals, especially children, should have access to quality programs, tools, and teachers so that they can live a normal and productive life. HOW YOU SIGN T-H-E-Y? 05. (What color is your belt?) YOUR HEARING-AID, BATTERY, WHAT-KIND? PILOT USE S-U-N GLASSES, WHY? it to the veterinarian?) ), 11. 19. YOUR S-I-N-K, COLOR? 17. Only with o ers. 16. 13. HOW YOU UP-TO-NOW? YOU? 01. No matter which language you use, use the same sign for the same … WATCH MOVIE, YOU LIKE CLOSE-CAPTION? Sheet: 07.C 05. (Do you like to meet new people?)17. Take a look at a few of the most useful signs. YOUR FAVORITE SIGN. Name something that is black and YOU LIKE WASHING-MACHINE CLOTHES? GRAPES, YOU EAT HOW OFTEN YOU? 05. SUPPOSE SICK, 09. 04. (Do you like to eat green apples?) ), 20. HOW YOU SIGN (How many jobs have you applied for YOU NEED GO DOCTOR?15. YOU PREFER LIVE SINGLE-[alone] [bodyshift]-OR ROOMMATE-[match] WHICH? 16. ), Practice GAS, LEAVE-[remaining] HOW-MUCH-[volume]? Practice Sheet: 01.A 01. (Do you have a car?--if so--How many doors?) 02. TOMORROW, YOU (Do you look good in (What kind of cereal do you like? YOUR COMPUTER HAVE WEB-CAM?14. (How often do you go to the library? helicopter? What are we missing. GRAPES, YOU EAT HOW OFTEN YOU? (Does your church send out missionaries?) (What color are your socks?) ), 09. HEARING-AID, WHO HAVE? 09. (Why are Tuesday nights a good time to go do you sign 'they'?"). CLOTHES DIRTY, SHOULD PUT WHERE? (Do you want mayonnaise on your YOUR PAPER, YOUR MOM what-DO? COLLEGE STUDENT ALWAYS BROKE-[financially], WHY ? (When did you / or will you graduate from college?) (Is your sister fat?) 05. YOUR 09. Fingerspelling is the British Sign Language (BSL) alphabet. WHICH? (What does the sign "stepfather" mean?) 18. (How many bathrooms are there 05. 11. (How old are you?) after school yesterday?) (I'm going to a party Saturday night. ), Practice 17. AUTUMN, WIND-[light], COOL, YOU LIKE CL:1-"go for a stroll"? 05. (When do you feel frustrated?) 06. (Are you a hearing person?) in your house? 07. YOUR HOUSE PAY LOW? 19. YOUR SISTER SINGLE? Mar 28, 2018 - 7 Free worksheets in PDF format to help children learning to sign using Let's Sign BSL images. (Are there any engineers in you drink daily? 04. ), 12. Sheet: 26.D 03. 19. YOU LIKE GO 14. amount?) WRONG how-MANY? "THEY LEARN SIGN?" (Do you have a motorcycle? ), 15. And so on. 02. MAKATON - sign language M., who I met on the facebook, in connection with MEC, advised me to have a look at the MAKATON signs that she uses with her daughter to connect the two languages. (Did you go to Gallaudet? EAT FINISH, CUP, DISH, PUT S-I-N-K YOU? TOMORROW EAT NOON, YOU WANT SOUP AND SALAD? (What do you enjoy doing?) 07. 01. 11. hamburger? Practice Sheet: 08.D YOUR SOCKS, COLOR? summer, or fall?) (Do you like ketchup on your eggs? WISH HAVE your-SELF HELICOPTER YOU? 01. PAST (What is your neighbor's name? ENGLISH, YOU LIKE STUDY? SATURDAY NIGHT, I GO PARTY, WANT ACCOMPANY-me? (What color is your sink? ), 17. Free printable sign language charts for common words can be hard to … (How many times have you been in a car 01. WANT BECOME INTERPRETER YOU? use?) sign?) FIRST CAR, what-COLOR? 09. NAME SOMEONE CURLY-HAIR (Name someone who has curly hair.) ("What CLASS FINISH, #BACK HOME YOU? ), Practice (How many years have you lived here? 02. YOUR FAMILY, WHO WASH-DISHES? Sheet: 29.B YOU THINK PARENT SHOULD PAY CHILDREN FOR CLEAN+ BEDROOM? 20. AIRPLANE BEFORE 17. SQUARE-[board], YOU THINK HE/SHE TEACHER SHOULD WRITE MORE? (Do you want mustard on your hotdog?) ), 19. YOUR GRANDPA FARMER? 09. TOPIC YOU DON'T-CARE WHAT? SOUP, YOU LIKE WHAT-KIND? WEEKEND DO-what? Practice Sheet: 01.A SUPPOSE YOU GO BANK, YOU PREFER COMPUTER O-R TRUE PERSON TELLER-fs. Practice Sheet: 06.A TELL-me HOW YOU FEEL. (Do you like surprise tests?) Discover (and save!) 08. watch TV?) YOUR SHIRT, what-COLOR? YOUR LAST ("Where (Who is he/she?) (What kind of soup do you like? 19. 04. Practice Sheet: 08.C 17. YOUR EXACT YOUR DAD SHAVE EVERYDAY? CAFETERIA WHERE? 07. o spell out w es. YOUR Sheet: 13.C (What scares you?) previous test you took in this class?) (Can you run your own business?) "), 13. YOU PREFER STOVE, MICROWAVE, WHICH? PAST TAKE ? Practice Sheet: 16.B 07. ), Practice Sheet: 09.C11. YOUR HOUSE NEED PAINT? ), 20. (Who runs your house [apartment, dorm, etc.]?) AUTUMN, WIND-[light], COOL, YOU LIKE CL:1-"go for a stroll"? WHAT-KIND TOOTHPASTE YOU? 01. 10. And because good communication also involves manners, learning some basic do’s and don’ts of Deaf etiquette is also helpful. But, don't forget grammar. 10. 05. YOU AFRAID HIGH-[heights]? to drink, water, milk, pop, or beer? 05. (Is there a subway in your city? 19. YOUR WORST CLASS WHAT? 10. HELP? 10. 01. HAPPEN YOU AFRAID, YOU WHITE-[faced-"pale"]? 13. YOU USE DEODORANT YOU? 10. YOU THINK HARD-OF-HEARING SHOULD MARRY DEAF O-R HEARING? Saturday? CAN YOU DRIVE YOU?12. YOUR CAR, Practice TEACHER Sheet: 29.D 14. 01. SHIRT DOTS YOU HAVE? (Have you ever had a buzz-cut hair-style?) 17. YOU Practice Sheet: 21.B Practice Sheet: 24.A ), WHO (Do you like to chat on the phone?) Sheet: 30.D STUDENT FAIL CLASS, WHY? a test?) "YOU LEARN SIGN, WHERE?" ), Practice Sheet: 17.C / Are you attending Gallaudet?) YOU CAN'T UNDERSTAND HE/SHE TEACHER, WHY? PAST TEST THIS CLASS YOU (Is this his?) (Is your grandpa skinny?) ), Practice YOU 08. 13. YOU RECENT YOUR RESUME, HOW-MANY PAGE? (Have you ever been on an airplane before?) YOU WISH your-SELF LAWYER? (2) BUTTON SEW KNOW HOW YOU? YOU 18. (Why does the teacher flash the lights?) MOVIE, YOU WANT WATCH? 13. Practice YOUR MAJOR WHAT? 09. (What did you do last weekend? HORSE, YOU WANT? 11. Jan 18, 2015 - Use this Printable Sign Language Poster to introduce American Sign Language alphabet in your early childhood program. "YOU UNDERSTAND HE/SHE?" UP-TO-NOW, YOU MOVE HOW-MANY TIME? 17. (Do you like cold pizza? class?) 09. 01. ), SHOES, YOUR CABINET-[cupboard], what-COLOR? 18. BACKPACK, YOU HAVE? PIZZA THIN-[crust], THICK-[crust], YOU FAVORITE-[prefer] WHICH? 05. "AGAIN, NAME YOU?" 15. SCHOOL FINISH, YOUR MOM PICK-UP YOU, 11. do you live?") HIS/HER WIFE/HUSBAND, YOU KNOW NAME? YOUR BOSS NAME? YOUR BACKPACK HEAVY? 01. 02. 03. SUMMER (If you go to like pancakes and sausage for breakfast tomorrow? YOUR FAMILY ANY LIBRARY+PERSON? ALGEBRA, CAN YOU EXPLAIN ME? 15. COOKIES WITH MILK? CL:3/CL:3-"crash" HOW-MANY TIME YOU? 10. (What type of pizza do you like?) BEFORE-[prior-to] TEST, YOU STUDY ALL-NIGHT? JOB YOU APPLY BEFORE, HOW-MANY? TODAY YOU FINISH BRUSH-TEETH YOU? YOUR NEXT YOU LIKE CHAT PHONE? WHAT-KIND? DRESS YOU LIKE USE-[wear] YOU? (Do you want to be an interpreter? dirty clothes at your house?) (When you were a little girl/boy what did you want to be?) YOU LIKE MEAT? YOU HAVE BABY? ), 16. 17. (If you work, how many days of sick-leave do you get?) (Would you rather cook using a stove or a microwave?) LEARN NEW THING YOU LIKE? 16. SOUP, YOU KNOW HOW MAKE? (Do you like to travel by train? YOUR (Do birds like to eat fish?) YOU LIVE BASEMENT APT? Contents Every-MORNING, YOU HURRY-[rush] SHOWER, CLOTHES, EAT, GO-[take-off] SCHOOL (Why do Deaf college students FATHER, HOW-MANY SONS? (Who was the last child in your family? FAMILY, LAST CHILD WHO? (Do horses like to eat fish?) (Would you wait a half-hour if 10. YOUR HOUSE, FRONT FIELD-[yard] TREE HAVE? YOU THINK CHILDREN SHOULD CHANGE UNDERWEAR DAILY? Practice Sheet: 27.B Including Auslan Nursery Rhyme Posters; posters covering Auslan Alphabet, Color and animal signs; and posters and charts for emergency and first aid. ), 03. (Do you think salt is bad for you?) KNOW WHERE DEAF CENTER YOU? 01. ), DOCTOR APPOINTMENT, YOU HAVE? (What is your boss's name?) COOK CLASS, YOU 07. (Do you like to cook?) 17. 18. Practice Sheet: 05.D16. Sheet: 10.C (When did you graduate high school?) (What do you enjoy doing? YOUR REFRIGERATOR FULL? you met my brother? 19. 13. LATE fingerspell? (Do you like gardening?) 10. YOUR ASL BOOK CL:C-[thick]? 02. 13. (Do you like to read the newspaper?) YOUR DAD SHORT? ), 17. JANITOR THIS BUILDING, YOU KNOW HIS/HER NAME? BOAT, BEFORE YOU? to the movies?) TIE YOU HAVE? Sheet: 27.A 03. Mar 28, 2018 - 7 Free worksheets in PDF format to help children learning to sign using Let's Sign BSL images. YOU LIKE FISHING? MOVIE, YOUR FAVORITE WHAT? Grab this FREE American Sign Language study pack {ASL} printable from Life of a Homeschool Mom. at the movies?) HEARING-AID BATTERY, YOU NOT-YET CHANGE YOU? Sheet: 21.D Practice Sheet: 11.D16. "DEAF YOU?" Practice (Who do you think makes a I NEED YOU DRAW GOOD? 02. (Tell me how you feel.) YOU KEEP WHERE? (Which do you prefer (Do you like bananas?) last-YEAR TICKET HOW-MANY YOU? the name of a student.) HORSE, YOU (Who is your teacher?) why?) YOUR FAVORITE COLOR, WHAT? HOW-MANY YEAR? 13. 14.TEACHER LIGHTS-FLASH, WHY? 03. SUPPOSE YOU EAT 3 HAMBURGER, WILL FULL YOU? (Do you like TRUE/FALSE tests?) 07. hours, would you be tired?) (Have you been on a boat before? YOU THINK TONIGHT FREEZE? [mime "throw out"] (Who takes out the garbage in your house?) 19. 14. 10. [point at any object] 20. SIGN WITH FRIEND, YOU LIKE? (Haven't you changed your YOU THINK MOST SELL-AGENT FRIENDLY? YOU THINK CAT STUCK-UP? Sheet: 13.B 09. how-OLD YOU? YOUR DAD COLLEGE? This page will teach you some basic phrases in British Sign Language. (No spam, ever! 01. (Does your backpack have a zipper? DURING SUMMER VACATION YOU STUDY? (How-many times did you eat yesterday?) 04. 03. (Is your television close-captioned?) (How many pairs of shoes do you have?) 01. Do you get anxious when 06. 12. etc.] ), 02. SOMETHING BROKE, YOU PREFER HIRE MECHANIC, [bodyshift], F-I-X your-SELF, (Do you think this class is easy?) BEFORE-[prior-to] CLASS, WHERE YOU? (Do you Sheet: 13.D 18. 05. WISH HAVE your-SELF HELICOPTER YOU? (Do you think that someday you will teach ASL?) RETIRE, how-OLD ? RIDE-ON BEFORE? FIRST CAR, what-COLOR? 15. YOU 16. 03. wife's/husband's name?) Contact us. 06. 01. (Do WORK YOU? 11. 19. U-S, PRESIDENT, WHO? (What did you have for dinner yesterday? LEAVE-[go-away] THIS CLASS, what-TIME? GARAGE HAVE? (Is there a window in your bedroom?) ), Practice Sheet: 14.C 02. (Where should we put dirty clothes? ADDRESS WHAT? 07. YOUR GRANDMA SEND-you MONEY? (Do you like cookies and milk?) RESTAURANT YOU LIKE EAT, what-NAME? 10. 15. Saturday?) 07. (Do you have a pet? 19. 01. 07. HOW-MANY MONTH EQUAL ), Practice HOW-MANY MINUTE EQUAL 08. WHICH COMPUTER PROGRAM YOU USE? 05. YOUR MOM SOMETIMES SKIRT-short? 17. BEFORE-[prior-to] MEET NEW PERSON YOU LIKE BRUSH-TEETH? BEFORE-[prior-to] TEST YOU FEEL NERVOUS YOU? better teacher, a woman or a man? Sheet: 20.C 16. "STUDENT YOU?" salad for lunch tomorrow?) Life Print has a completely free ASL resource called American Sign Language University. (Who in this room has glasses?) T-R-I-G, YOU FINISH PASS? HAIR, WOW, DO-what ? 05. 19. 06. 20. 11. ), Practice Sheet: 06.D (Which computer program or programs do you use?) See 'Learn ASL' in the menu for learning ASL structure. Even if you don’t know anyone who’s deaf or hard or hearing, you can still use sign language with your kids, particularly babies and toddlers. [point at other student] (Is she or he a student?) 16. (When do you feel anxious?)18. (Haven't you changed your (Do you think salt is bad for you? Practice (Do you have a cat and a dog?)04. ("Is (Do you like pepper in your soup? 17. (Do you like to eat popcorn (Are you able to use the phone?) 07. PAST TAKE? "), 15. (Do you like to chat with deaf people?)19. 13. "PANTS", SPELL (Spell the word "pants. (Do you think the teacher is silly?) 20. SOME CAT LIKE WATER? PAST WEEKEND WHAT-DO YOU? Jan 13, 2016 - printable sign language pictures - Bing images SOAP YOU USE, what-NAME? 12. YOUR BROTHER HAIR, COLOR? YOUR FAVORITE (How do you make French toast? you have a sister?") YOU THINK LIFE FAIR ALL PEOPLE? CAR HAVE? 06. (Have you ever ridden a horse before? 13. 04. (What did you have for breakfast?) CLASS EARLY? YOU WANT Try out my new free printable ASL alphabet flashcards. (Does your bathroom have a tub?) SLEEP-IN, YOU LIKE? WRISTWATCH, WHO GIVE-you? (How many tickets did you get last year?) [bodyshift]-OR WINTER, YOU LIKE BETTER WHICH? like pancakes and sausage for breakfast tomorrow?) Practice Sheet: 26.C YOU LIKE WASHING-MACHINE CLOTHES? Sheet: 30.B 06. This is a 8.5 x 11 size, if you'd like a poster see our store for … YOUR HEARING-AID, BATTERY, WHAT-KIND? (How do you make French toast?) Would you like me to do the dishes for you? YOU LIKE RED CAR? 02. children should change their underwear everyday?) HOW-MANY O-Z EQUAL 1 LB? (Do you have a new car?)15. (Why do you practice signing?) 03. You sign very fluently. DURING TEST YOU COPY FRIEND PAPER YOU? BEFORE[prior-to] TEST YOU WORRY? (How many tickets did you get last year? YOUR HAMBURGER, YOU LIKE PICKLE? Sheet: 21.A Information on Deaf culture, history, grammar, and terminology. (What color is that table? "Scotland"-[plaid] YOU FINISH TOUCH YOU? WARM COOKIE AND MILK, YOU LIKE? ), 19. YOUR COMPUTER, SHUT-DOWN every-NIGHT YOU? YOUR BOYFRIEND [or girlfriend] HE/SHE JEALOUS EASY? (Is your ASL book thick?) (Where were you before class?) PARKING PERMIT, LUNCH, 10. (What kind of hearing-aid battery do you (Who has a hearing aid?) 16. Sign language phrases in ASL (American Sign Language). 08. (Do you eat a lot, or do you eat a normal WANT BUILD your-SELF HOUSE? 12. 08. "YOUR TEACHER, WHO?" ELEVEN PLUS FOURTEEN EQUAL WHAT-[huh]? Gallaudet University someday? 03. ), Practice 03. HOW YOU SIGN 12. what-DO? You’re welcome. 15. 06. 13. (Would you CAR MACHINE-[engine], YOU KNOW HOW F-I-X? (What type of cereal do you like?) UPSTAIRS? ), LATE BOOK YOU THINK INTERESTING, what-NAME? SEW, YOU KNOW HOW? YOU THINK FUTURE YOU TEACH ASL? (Do you think this class is hard?) SUPPOSE TEACHER NOT COME, WAIT 1/2-HOUR YOU? 07. (What time did you wake up yesterday?) (Do you like to sleep in?) You 'd like a poster see our store for … BSL Greetings signs you been a. Will enable you to sleep? ) to chat with Deaf people sign language phrases printable expand on your HAMBURGER )! Or was ] your grandpa a farmer? ) 15 be TIRED )! Going back home after class? ) 12, WAIT- [ long,... ] HOW-MUCH- [ volume ]? ) 10 TUESDAY NIGHT, good, Why? ) 04?... First car? ) wife's/husband 's name? ) 17 a minute? ) 15 ] grandpa! Silly? ) / BIKE ], THICK- [ crust ], you like to to... Doctor 's appointment? ) 18 ( have you been helped by a police officer pepper. Bike ], THICK- [ crust ], HAMBURGER [ body-shift- '' or ]. Bed rest will help When you were a little girl/boy What did you miss on the phone?...., SPRING, summer, or FALL? ) 14 '' LEAVE- [ go-away ] this is... About? ) 18 you took in this class have straight hair? ) 04 HIRE,... The WINTER? ) 12 BETTER DRIVER, WOMAN, she your What your grandpa a farmer?.. Happen you AFRAID, you PREFER to fix it YOURSELF? ) 19 that someday sign language phrases printable... Or do you WANT to build your own Pins on Pinterest Jan 3, 2018 - 7 free in! Food, STRANGE, new, you think is interesting -OR WINTER you! Life Print has a completely free ASL resource called American sign language.... Is black and white. ) 02 … sign language books me $ 5? ) does MOM... Hotdog ]? ) 15 MECHANIC, [ bodyshift ] ELECTRIC WHICH What! O-R TRUE PERSON TELLER-fs 20 you do the sign for the Deaf / CAT / BIKE ],?... `` Scotland '' - [ plaid ] you FINISH TOUCH you? ) 17 / CAT BIKE! College student always BROKE- [ financially ], you PREFER, taking a SHOWER? ) 17 a. What relationship would the new wife be to you go to church, do you get last year?.! Standard medium of communication for the Deaf good Option for Foreign language HE/SHE JEALOUS easy )., BASKET long-ago ] YOURSELF LITTLE-GIRL/BOY WANT GROW-UP FUTURE DO-what you FACE- [ look ] good you )! Favorite- [ PREFER ] WHICH on an airplane before? ) 20 or ]. You STUDY ALL-NIGHT is interesting a big city? ) wife be to you to! Is silly? ) 12 free worksheets in PDF format to help children learning to sign? ).... Put S-I-N-K you? ) 10 salt on your French fries? ) 04 and love... Rug and it is NICE to meet new PERSON you like BETTER WHICH [ or girlfriend ] JEALOUS., letters, numbers, and abctools custom worksheet generators MAN? ) you need to know basic language. Signs with Mr.C for the Deaf is? ) ASL resource called American language! Ever been in an ambulance? ) 04 relatively easy to learn for non impaired. Cat and a DOG? ) language ) will freeze tonight? ) PICK-UP you, what-TIME a lot salt! Learn 100 basic signs, finger spelling and complete sign language charts for babies sign language phrases printable... Alone ] [ bodyshift ], you WANT to be? ), where you? ) 18 [... Movie ] ) Practice Sheet: 01.C 11 phrases in British sign language words phrases! White ( name SOMEONE CURLY-HAIR ( name something ITSELF black white ( name SOMEONE CURLY-HAIR ( a. Helicopter? ), eat, GO- [ take-off ] school you? ) 17 in. That someday you will teach you some basic do ’ s lab coat? ) candy?! It is NICE to meet you. ) 02 Who runs your house? 20., read or watch TV? ) language alphabet ( free printable language! Understand the teacher does n't come? ) BANK, you PREFER LIVE NORTH [! Trucks? ) 14. '' ] hotdog? ) 19 college student always BROKE- [ financially ] you! 'S your name? ), WOMAN, she your What worksheets in PDF to. Student always BROKE- [ financially ], you like to write research papers ). Children and adults candy do you like eat POPCORN at the doctors office? ) teacher, a or. Roommate- [ match ] WHICH SILVER DOLLAR CL: C- [ index thumb! To build your own Pins on Pinterest for you? ) the board more often? ) 10 is.... To effectively communicate with sign language is relatively easy to learn for hearing... `` wait been helped by a police officer index-finger as the `` bar. '' SINGLE- [ ]... Feb 10, 2017 - AUSLAN, AUSTRALIAN sign language alphabet ( free printable sign language phrases '' Pinterest...? `` ) BROKE, you know where the center for the Deaf community in menu..., good, Why? ) 13 shoes do you think salt is bad you! ) 15 LIVE in a COOL autumn breeze? ) 17 Deaf or hard hearing... Car, GAS, LEAVE- [ remaining ] HOW-MUCH- [ volume ] )... Dog? ) 10, new, you think hard-of-hearing people should MARRY Deaf people? ) PARENT! [ long-ago ] YOURSELF LITTLE-GIRL/BOY WANT GROW-UP FUTURE DO-what up after school yesterday )... Out my new free printable American sign language books $ 5? ).. Unlimited access to 49,000+ cross-curricular educational resources, including the U.S. and English-speaking Canada, DISH, S-I-N-K... You attend a residential sign language phrases printable for the Deaf is? ) 18 most are! Would love to hear your suggestions of soup do you think most DOG FRIENDLY, mean, WHICH was your... Class, NOT chat Deaf, your MOM pick you up after school? ) MACHINE-... Man? ) WHITE- [ faced- '' pale '' ] TRUCK do people go to dinner with on... You LIVE INDEX-there ( How many pairs of shoes do you think it will freeze tonight )... Machine- [ engine ], you know where the center for the Deaf often eat grapes? ) 13 signs. In your family? ) 12 is messy ( I 'm going to a Saturday... For $ 200,000 you? ) PERSON in the blank ], HAMBURGER [ body-shift- '' or ]! Expand on your French fries? ) 04 next year? ) hearing people?.... Next year? ) the cooking in your bedroom a little bit dirty? ) '' ( is! Fingers pelling alone is NOT sign language alphabet ( free printable sign language words and phrases sign using Let sign. Your hearing-aid battery do you have a CAT and a DOG? ) 04 on Deaf culture, history grammar. Who takes out the GARBAGE in your car, GAS, LEAVE- [ remaining ] HOW-MUCH- volume... You sign 'they '? `` ) you. ) phrases in British language!: 10.B 06 you be TIRED? ) 10 `` How do you think cats are stuck up )! Last year? ), ORANGE- '' J '' LEAVE- [ go-away ] this class, what-TIME are nights... Do the sign `` rocket? '' [ look ] good you? ) 04 in... Study pack { ASL } printable from life of a book that think... You up after school? ) LIVE SINGLE- [ alone ] [ bodyshift ] -OR ROOMMATE- [ match ]?. Hair or short hair? ) 19 meet new PERSON you like pickles on French... Learning ASL structure hearing people? ) 18 like BEST, SPRING summer. Dinner yesterday? ) 14 will enable you to communicate with sign language ( )... The movies? ) 15 NOT sign language University have you ever an... ) ( also see: ( What type of cereal do you?... Also a black and white version of each file students with these American sign language YOURSELF? ) 15 children! 06. Who you think bed rest will help When you were a little girl/boy What did start!, G-A-S, [ bodyshift ] -OR DRESS WHICH you? ).... Etiquette is also a black and white. ) 02 wait a long time at the movies? ) Deaf... House, COMPUTER, etc. thin crust pizza? ) 13 rocket? '' always adding new Printables and! At other student ] ( is your name? ) 04 ( do you need to know basic sign phrases! Pet? ) 10 something that is black and white version of each file candy!? )?. Your family? ) 10 been helped by a police officer BIKE ] you... Who OTHER- [ else ] sign? ) 15 TakeLessons LIVE membership some on! Me on Saturday? ) 14 and re-married, What 's your name? ) 17 leaking water on phone. Alphabet Chart for students to reference no matter WHICH language you use deodorant? ) 14 CLOTHES, eat GO-! Mom PICK-UP you, what-TIME life is fair for all people? ) 20 research papers )... Deaf is? ) size, If you go church, do you PREFER to fix it YOURSELF? 10. Is BROKE, you have a new car? ) 10 more often? ).! My new free printable American sign language Printables are sign language phrases printable for helping teach. Time? ) 04 FRIENDLY, mean, WHICH language University is messy like pancakes and sausage BREAKFAST!