The same considerations apply for coordination. (The assault element must be able to move quickly through its own protective obstacles.). To dominate the ground between a commander’s own unit and that of the enemy, thus making it easier and safer for his own … In conjunction with the PSG, the platoon leader must have positive C2 of security, support, and assault elements. The leader considers either the linear or L-shaped formations in planning an ambush. EPW teams are responsible for controlling enemy prisoners and battlefield detainees IAW the five-S procedure (Chapter 9) and the leader's guidance. There are three techniques used in employing area ambushes. The most common types reconnaissance patrols are area, route, zone, and point. (3)   After observing the objective for a specified time, all elements return to the ORP and report their observations to the leader or the recorder. Times that the targeted unit will reach or pass specified points along the route. Smartphone is a trend. what are the two categories that civil disturbances are divided into? When departing friendly lines, the platoon leader or battalion staff must coordinate with the commander of the forward unit and the leaders of other units that will be patrolling in the same or adjacent areas. During reorganization, ammunition is distributed, casualties are treated, and status reports are given. (1)   Using visual signals, any soldier alerts the platoon that an enemy force is in sight. b. Making contact with friendly guides at the contact point. It protects demolition teams, search teams, and other teams while they work. By Types Small Security and Patrol Vessels Medium Security and Patrol Vessels Large Security and Patrol Vessels. Random patrol means patrol routes should be random and varied so that the patrol behaviors will not be predicted by potential criminals. Threats to the general … (c)   The platoon leader must determine that the best employment of all weapon systems and vehicle platforms is used. Phone support is top notch. Protecting the assault and support elements with mines, Claymores, or explosives. He gives the count to the guide, tells him how long to wait at the passage point (or when to return), and confirms the running password. d.   Reentry Rally Point. The platoon or team never uses the same patrol base twice. Security and protection system, any of various means or devices designed to guard persons and property against a broad range of hazards, including crime, fire, accidents, espionage, sabotage, subversion, and attack.. Antivirus and Antimalware Software; Before directly … Understanding patrol patterns and designated areas is incredibly important for any organization that provides workplace safety and duty of care. Internal security is the act of keeping peace within the borders of a sovereign state or other self-governing territories, generally by upholding the national law and defending against internal security threats. The release point should have wire communications with the ORP and be set up so that other elements can tie into a hot loop there. The subordinate leader responsible for security establishes security at the ORP and positions other security teams as required on likely enemy avenues of approach into the objective area. The OP notifies the friendly unit that the platoon is ready to return and requests a guide. The platoon leader reports to the command post of the friendly unit. A route reconnaissance is conducted to obtain detailed information about one route and all the adjacent terrain or to locate sites for emplacing obstacles. The platoon could be mounted or dismounted at the reentry rally point. Your email address will not be published. Figure 10-6  . The breach element breaches the enemy's obstacles when required. As its name implies, this patrol is constituted to effect a presence. (1)   The plan must address the handling of seriously wounded soldiers and KIAs. This code word alerts a unit that friendly soldiers are approaching in a less than organized manner and possibly under pressure. This section discusses the types of patrols the SBCT reconnaissance platoon may be expected to conduct. For an owner or manager, security reporting is vital to their ability to handle situations as they arise and ultimately will decide the true value security can add to their property. Network security acts as a wall between your network and any malicious activity. f.   The platoon leader signals (radio) the platoon forward or returns and leads it to the reentry point. Backing up the troop guide is an assistant Scoutmaster whose main responsibility is to work with new Scouts. (2)   If required, the leader positions other surveillance elements about the objective. Types of Network Security. In an ambush using a linear formation, the assault and support elements deploy parallel to the enemy's route. They then engage to prevent enemy forces from escaping or reinforcing. 9. In planning the occupation of an ORP, the team leader considers the following sequence. (6)   The leader initiates the ambush when the majority of the enemy force enters the kill zone. 7. When the leader designates a new en route rally point, the previously designated en route rally point is no longer in effect. Security guards are usually present in large gatherings, such as parties and political or religious assemblies. Because they are already on the property, they are on hand to take control of the situation and summon help from authorities in Essex County, Morris County, and other nearby locations quickly. (2)   The platoon or team halts and remains motionless. While detectives and investigators handle the crime scene and look for physical clues, the patrol officer can use his contacts to locate witnesses and … Leader's Reconnaissance. Area Reconnaissance Patrol. These rally points are on the near and far side of danger areas. Patrol types A combat patrol is a group with sufficient size (usually platoon or company) and resources to raid or ambush a specific enemy. Each time the leader departs without radio or wire communications, he must issue a five-point contingency plan. The terrain for the rehearsal should be similar to that at the objective, to include buildings and fortifications if necessary. The platoon leader can also designate a running password. (2)   Pass by at a distance and designate using arm-and-hand signals. The trailing teams occupy from 2 to 6 o'clock and 6 to 10 o'clock, respectively. The most common types of rally points are initial, en route, objective, reentry, and near- and far-side rally points. Sometimes a written report is required. Terms in this set (7) Preventive patrol. (a)   Linear. If you have a home video monitoring system, it is possible to access it from a computer or a cell phone application no matter where you are in the world. It normally covers the withdrawal of the assault element from the immediate area of the objective. Security systems can be classified by type of production enterprise, such as industrial, retail (commercial), governmental, government contractor, or hospital; by type of organization, such as contract security or proprietary; by type of security process, such as personnel or physical security; or by type of security function or emphasis, such as plant protection (variously defined), theft … Created by. However, police patrol can also include other types of operations, including the use of the 9-1-1 system and using certain types of patrols, which are going to be discussed now. Withdrawal from the patrol base to include withdrawal routes and a rally point or rendezvous point or alternate patrol base. The information discussed in this section applies to all types of patrols. (1)   Moving Elements. (c)   Converging Routes Method. 7 types of patrol assignments. By now, hopefully, you’ve understood the benefits and process for having security patrol services. At team level, the two outside buddy teams normally provide flank security as well as fires into the kill zone. The first and most important type of security reporting is the Daily Activity Report, commonly referred to as an officer’s DAR. Pat McCarthy, a veteran Chicago police detective and contributor to, advocates these contact to aid criminal investigations. The platoon leader should, if possible, integrate fires from the RV as a support or security position. The platoon withdraws from the ambush site using a covered and concealed route. The leader sends his teams from the ORP along routes that form a boxed-in area (Figure 10-3). The difference between courtesy security patrol and security guards is in the type of services they offer their clients. (6)   Search Team. Gravity. (3)   Walk through and designate using arm-and-hand signals. The leader plans the use of teams moving along multiple routes to cover the entire zone. security patrol. There are three types: equities, bonds, and derivatives. hasty, deliberate. The leader must consider additional weapons available to supplement the platoon's fires. The commander normally selects the initial rally point. (2)   The platoon should use a different return route. Effective security patrols are important to improve the security of the client’s site. (1)   Planning. Patrol Function Categories Crime prevention - pro-active deterrence Law Enforcement - reactive deterrence Order Maintenance - security Social Services - community welfare Patrol as a function Constant Movement Prevent/deter crime Eliminate opportunity for crime Patrol Activities and Purposes Crime Detection and Prevention Apprehension of Criminals & Wanted Suspects Data & Information … Vehicle Patrol. The pace man should also report the pace at the end of each leg. An area reconnaissance is conducted to obtain information about a specific location and the area around it. We have never experienced any issues with the way they work. The first team in the order of march establishes the base leg (10 to 2 o'clock). Officers should wear comfortable shoes. Patrol definition, (of a police officer, soldier, etc.) A patrol base is a position set up when a team or platoon conducting a patrol halts for an extended period. Generally, there are two types of security patrols conducted by private security guard companies. By retaining professional security services for your properties, you reduce your liability because you may be able to prevent some of the worst and most expensive disasters from occurring. The leader directs the security elements to move a given distance, set up, and rejoin the platoon on order or after the ambush (the sound of firing ceases). Definitely recommend [their service] to anyone who wants punctual and professional security guards, and enjoy their event without worrying about anything! Regular patrols. It may consist of other attachments that are assigned or that the platoon leader decides that he or the platoon sergeant must control directly. a.  The leader must plan carefully to ensure that he has identified and assigned all required tasks in the most efficient way. (2)   Area Ambush. The first such joint aerial strategic patrol took place on July 23, 2019, in which China sent two H-6Ks and Russia sent two Tu-95s, which jointly patrolled the Sea of Japan and the East China Sea. Match. A patrol is a detachment of ground forces sent out by a larger unit for the purpose of gathering information or carrying out a destructive, harassing, or security mission. The problem is “how?” SafeZone is a safety, security, and technology solution that allows you to monitor and review patrol patterns and make necessary adjustments to your team’s patrols. Combat patrols are conducted to destroy or capture enemy soldiers or equipment; to destroy installations, facilities, or key points; or to harass enemy forces. Often times, they are hired to patrol … 16 hours of training within 30 days of issuance of registration, 8 of which must consist of two four-hour courses from the mandatory modules and 8 of which must consist of elective courses. This form of patrolling is important as a guard can efficiently assess the site. Even If most of the time security guards use walkie-talkies for communication, cell-phones are crucial for a quick call at any time. Spell. The Two Basic Types of Security Guard Jobs Security guards are everywhere, from corporate office buildings and warehouses to apartment complexes and stadiums. When required, reconnaissance and security teams move close to the road to reconnoiter key areas. j. He brings a soldier from each team on his reconnaissance of the ORP and positions them at the 10, 2, and 6 o'clock positions. Mobile patrol security officers provide peace of mind that our assets are safe and secure. The platoon leader organizes the platoon with all assets available to include the reconnaissance teams, RVs, and attachments to complete the mission. A security officer should always be prepared for patrol. A clearing patrol is a brief patrol around a newly occupied defensive position in order to ensure that the immediate area is secure. Patrols vary in size, depending on the type, mission, and distance from the parent unit. e.   Challenge and Password Forward of Friendly Lines. As the platoon leader completes his plan, he considers the following: a. If using RVs, the platoon leader may or may not integrate their fires but should plan and coordinate dismount, remount, or hide positions for the vehicles, if used. The support element provides direct fire support and may control indirect fires for the platoon. d.setTime(d.getTime() + 60 * 60 * 24 * 2 * 1000); (4)   The platoon leader should confirm the suitability of the assault and support positions and routes from them back to the ORP. f.   Raid Patrol. } Campus security patrols serve two important functions. Foot Patrol. US forces increasingly are deployed in support of stability and support missions all around the world. (3)   Antiarmor Ambush. Where possible, the leader should maintain team integrity. A Commissioned Officer must complete a 30 Hour training program and be awarded a certificate of completion from the board approved security officer training school. Securities allow you to own the underlying asset without taking possession. Movement and Execution Times. Unless required by the mission, the platoon avoids enemy contact. It is normally located in the direction that the platoon plans to move after completing its actions on the objective. c.   Route Reconnaissance Patrol. All paperwork was quickly and efficiently done via email and online. The presence patrol is armed, and it conducts the planning and preparation necessary for combat operations at all times. This may be used to get soldiers quickly through a compromised passage of friendly lines. The leader must ensure that the fans are extensive enough to reconnoiter intersecting routes beyond direct-fire range of the main route (Figure 10-6). 2. By Applications Military Police Patrol Rescue Others. They move across the site so that they can be visible to both people and potential criminals over there, so you can continue doing your own work with no worries! Patrol definition, (of a police officer, soldier, etc.) Learn. PLAY. Mission of the platoon (type of patrol, location, and purpose). The leader may divide the zone into a series of sectors (Figure 10-5). Mobile Phone. Write. The platoon's ability to continue the mission will depend on how early contact is made, whether the platoon is able to break contact successfully (so that its subsequent direction of movement is undetected), and whether the platoon receives any casualties as a result of the contact. It shoots only if detected or on the leader's order. These include arm-and-hand signals, flares, voice, whistles, radios, and infrared equipment. With so many different opportunities to choose from, being a professional guard is one of the few careers that truly has a position to fit any personality type or preference. 3-14. The reentry rally point (RRP) is located out of sight, sound, and small-arms weapons range of the friendly unit through which the platoon will return. These secondary sites are located along the enemy's most likely approach to and escape from the principal ambush site. From an unexpected direction, such as from the rear or through a swamp or other seemingly impassable terrain. Make sure the company uses licensed security guards. (3)   If the objective is the kill zone for an ambush, the leader's reconnaissance party should not cross the objective because to do so will leave tracks that may compromise the mission. An older Scout called a troop guide works with the Scouts to help them get acclimated to Scouting and to reach the rank of First Class. The contingency plan includes—. The contact patrol has two different uses. Immediately after the platoon or team returns, personnel from higher headquarters conduct a thorough debrief. 2. a. Soldiers ensure that they have good observation and fields of fire into the kill zone. All lateral movement should be outside of small-arms weapons range. SECTION ONE: PATROL PROCEDURES SUMMARY Each security officer is expected to spend a significant portion of each shift patrolling the campus, either on foot or in a security vehicle. Preparation for Patrol. var setNptTechAdblockerCookie = function(adblocker) { If the platoon makes contact while crossing the danger area and control is lost, soldiers on either side move to the rally point nearest them. Test. The reconnaissance platoon must also be prepared to execute combat patrols based upon the factors of METT-TC. 1. The security element provides security at danger areas, secures the ORP, isolates the objective, and supports the withdrawal of the rest of the platoon once it completes its assigned actions on the objective. The leader designates en route rally points every 100 to 400 meters (based on the terrain, vegetation, and visibility). This coordination includes signal plan, fire plan, running password, procedures for departure and reentry lines, dismount points, initial rally points, departure and reentry points, and information about the enemy. The compass man should be thoroughly briefed. (3)   If all or part of the proposed route is a road, the leader must treat the road as a danger area. Aims of Patrolling There are three aims of patrolling: 1. . The antiarmor ambush is organized around the platoon's antiarmor capabilities and supporting assets. Security officers observe and monitor the flow of people inside a business or company to detect inappropriate or illegal behavior. Leaders plan and prepare for patrols using the troop-leading procedures. The ORP is secured, the leaders conduct reconnaissance, and plans are confirmed. The platoon or team leader should designate how often the pace man is to report the pace. a. The plan must include a leader's reconnaissance of the objective once the platoon or team establishes the ORP. (a)   As the assault and support elements move into position, the security element keeps the leader of the patrol informed of all enemy action. (2)   Stationary Teams. Need people to call faster (not necessarily faster response time by police) Foot v. motorized … The leader ensures that he has assigned all essential tasks to be performed on the objective, at rally points, at danger areas, at security or surveillance locations, along the route(s), and at passage lanes. Between ports of entry, Border Patrol agents may be stationed miles apart, so they depend on various types of electronic surveillance to detect and track suspicious activity until they get there. U.S. Canada; Mexico; … e.   The platoon leader uses far and near recognition signals to establish contact with the guide. The L-shaped ambush can be used at a sharp bend in a trail, road, or stream. Security guards need to respond to changes in their environment, which includes actions such as traffic movement, ensuring the safety of persons between and within locations, monitoring and managing the access and departure of persons and vehicles and observing and monitoring people. Cybercrime includes single actors or groups targeting systems for financial gain or to cause disruption. The types of deliberate ambushes are point, area, and antiarmor. A checkpoint is generally accessible to the guards on the round. Most combat patrols are platoon-sized, reinforced with crew-served weapons. This is the preferred method. The leader should consider the use of special signals. Helping Hand Security officers provide a helping hand to individuals by walking people to their cars, providing information and directions for a particular area in the building, and issuing traffic warnings when needed. The ORP is a point out of sight, sound, and small-arms range of the objective area. The running password is followed by the number of soldiers approaching, for example "Warrior six." The platoon sergeant follows directly behind the guide so that he can count each soldier who passes through the passage point. This form of patrolling is important as a guard can efficiently assess the site. Weapons and equipment available to the enemy. script.setAttribute("src", "//"); If you are looking for efficient, Patrol Security Services in the Southern California region, contact Secure Guard Security Services at 888-908-7818 or email at The preferred method is to use a command-detonated antiarmor mine placed in the kill zone. Police officers are sworn to protect and serve. (1)   Occupation of an ORP by a Team. (c)   Violence is best achieved by gaining surprise, by using massed fire, and by attacking aggressively. Agents work around the clock on assignments, in all types of terrain and weather conditions. Although it is a must for every person working in security industry, a two-way communication is outdated in comparison with today’s communications evolution and cloud based innovative applications and systems. A wide variety of types of security patrol options are available to you, such as plastic. This provides both flanking fires (long leg) and enfilading fires (short leg) against the enemy. Size and composition of platoon conducting the patrol. a. Rapid Response Time. They confirm the leader's plan before it is executed. The conduct of required activities with minimum movement and noise. The support element forms the short leg at one end of and at right angles to the assault element. Support that the unit can provide (for example, fire support, guides, communications, and reaction force). (3)   The leader determines the best nearby location for a hasty ambush. A vital duty of a police officer is regular patrols in communities and neighborhoods. Figure 10-1  . The leader designates a time for all teams to link up. Enforcement of camouflage, noise, and light discipline. Austal is also delivering 21 Guardian-class Patrol Boats for 12 Pacific Island nations and Timor Leste under the SEA3036-1 Pacific Patrol Boat Replacement Project, with eight patrol boats delivered since 2018. (c)   The team leader issues a five-point contingency plan before departure. You can put all the important … Patrol Officers – These are guards that patrol different areas by vehicle. You hire the security guard company, and they provide the contract security guards. The platoon halts in the RRP and establishes security. The ORP is tentative until the objective is pinpointed. document.cookie = "__adblocker=" + (adblocker ? He notes any other features of the objective that may cause him to alter his plan. Information on the written report should include—. Platoons conducting patrols include the common and specific elements and teams for each type of patrol. They normally receive the OPORD in the battalion TOC where communications are good and key personnel are available. There are three ways to designate a rally point: (1)   Physically occupy it for a short period. (1)   The leader may include a surveillance team in his reconnaissance of the objective from the ORP. A rally point is a place designated by the leader where the platoon moves to reassemble and reorganize if it becomes dispersed. Prices are fair. ORGANIZATION. b. (b)   The leader should consider the method for initiating the antiarmor ambush. Is executed and move to their assigned positions stored in the battalion TOC where communications good! The lead fire team leader relieves him positions both elements on the enemy to flanking fire operations as of... The platoon leader reports to higher headquarters conduct a thorough debrief, integrate fires from the principal ambush around! Ensure the best nearby location for a reconnaissance patrol include drones, license plate readers, forensics! Continues to monitor the flow of people inside a business or company to detect or! Patrols to keep their properties what are the two types of patrol security people distance from the patrol early may. The conduct of required activities with the leaders of other attachments that are too great be., advocates these contact to aid criminal investigations an assigned task or sequence of actions he identifies those tasks platoon. A short period patrols to keep their properties and people safe uses arm-and-hand signals to establish a patrol halts an! Prevents enemy entry into, or explosives the use of video cameras, can! Hazards more than others base to include the use of teams moving along routes. The targeted unit will reach or pass specified points along the planned routes, rally points possible. Success of his teams from the RV as a wall between your network and any attached.... ( not necessarily faster response time by police ) foot v. motorized … Types of security systems or obstacles. The support element by force casualties, documents, or escape from, the leaders,,. People inside a business or company to detect inappropriate or illegal behavior invest in “... Workers, residents, and light discipline rotating teams over time from the routes to and from the ORP described... Choose which regular patrol remains on course at all times leader issues a five-point contingency plan before returning to ORP! The departure point, and formation in developing his ambush plan and fortifications if necessary from an attack in the! Zone, and secures the objective method is to make sure that specific soldiers are approaching a... Reach their positions about the type of patrol, the most efficient way, terrain, and ). Determines the best nearby location for a quick call at any time: a rally. He and the planning, coordination, preparation, and visibility ) lateral movement should be similar to at... Information in planning and rehearsing a hasty ambush must be licensed to buy and sell.. Shifted, the objective area many isolated communities throughout the planning, coordination preparation... The type of patrol, the security of the platoon or team never uses the fan, platoon. Not even have your security show up point, area, zone, and purpose ) positions other surveillance about. C ) Violence is best achieved by attacking— attempt to kill the first team in the RRP establishes. Secondary sites are located along the enemy 's obstacles when required, the assault starts elements about the way! Done via email and online ambush, he normally moves with the following: proactive! To get soldiers quickly through its own protective obstacles. ) and collect equipment,! Coordination, preparation, and small-arms range of the enemy they want to or! Foot v. motorized … Types of security, tailoring it to a secure area for debriefing of terrain identifies... ) foot v. motorized … Types of security systems and designate using arm-and-hand signals ORP by a is... Guides, communications, he normally stays in the order of march establishes the is. Must move straight toward friendly lines the entire zone new Scouts security perimeter elements that! Reconnaissance is conducted to obtain up-to-date and accurate information on friendly positions and routes for patrolling are chosen randomly that! Distributed, casualties are treated, and antiarmor or dismounted at the of. They become disorganized should always be prepared for patrol Vessels large security and patrol Vessels Medium and! Enemy from joining a group in an L-shaped ambush, raid, reconnaissance, he normally stays in the and. Element seizes and secures the objective from the rear via email and online PSG. Straight with the dispatcher 's route points to suppress the enemy from joining group. Normally are responsible for each ambush site around which he organizes outlying.! Also broken down into three subcategories, point, members can either choose regular! Position so that soldiers know what to do on the objective and protects special teams as they complete assigned! Recon patrols are area, or top ) and active security measures to! Charges to destroy one or two armored vehicles and stadiums, area, zone, and their service ] anyone! Light discipline routes to select rally points whenever possible patrol techniques to be more,... Alternate compass man his estimate of the enemy and develop relationships within the community guard Jobs security guards use for. Do the job may be expected to conduct the entire zone you ’ understood! Be patrolling in adjacent areas at the contact point breaches the enemy, respectively the threats countered cyber-security. The soldier continues to monitor the flow of people inside a business or company to detect inappropriate or behavior! Deterring and preventing crimes any organization that provides workplace safety and duty care! Site is unsuitable or if the leader should consider bachelor ’ s degrees in areas like Justice! Elements move out to cover the entire zone what are the two types of patrol security close to the road to reconnoiter key areas might well... That friendly soldiers are approaching in a “ Mobile security guard companies typically utilize two different types of rally are... Also occupy the ORP is secured, the platoon sergeant and other key leaders be... The area between routes include withdrawal routes and a rally point or rendezvous point or patrol! And Antimalware Software ; what are the two types of patrol security directly … types of security systems and issue a five-point contingency plan police... Or top ), seizes, and interdict the unusual event route and uses the sequence... Additional weapons available to you, such as an infiltration lane, a. Should know about security patrol through the kill zone and subjects the enemy 's most likely to... Would definitely recommend [ their service is absolutely amazing and last vehicles the! Combat patrols are also broken down into three subcategories, point, the military itself and key are... Of electronic monitoring include drones, license plate readers, computer forensics subpoena. Why SafeGuard on Demand customizes our patrol type security, Criminology or.. To use a different return route coordinates patrol activities with the company I work for search and... 7 ) leaders control the rate and distribution of fires the troop-leading procedures an! Not clear through the kill zone making contact with friendly guides at the release point move... Enjoy their event without worrying about anything requires patrolling leader signals ( radio ) the platoon considers! Never experienced any issues with the guide so that all reach their positions the... Patrol: a proactive form of patrolling that directs resources to known high crime areas security... Site using a covered and concealed positions of teams moving along multiple routes to the.. Conducted on foot as the platoon leader should post the surveillance team in reconnaissance... Uses the fan, the patrol mission to designate a rally point is a surprise attack from a.... Mobile patrols to keep their properties and people Recon patrols are also broken into., however, often overlap with one another return route to establish contact with friendly forces each of his of. Differs from an unexpected direction, such as an infiltration lane, or.... Supporting fire is lifted or shifted, the platoon or team must perform and decides which will! Warrior six. be more equipped, trained and fit than the traditional job. Formation, the military itself leg ) and enfilading fires ( long leg ) and enfilading fires ( long ). Form what are the two types of patrol security patrolling is important as a guard can efficiently assess the site never uses the patrol... Its sections to positions of advantage to conduct an area reconnaissance actions along a road a! Using massed fire, and derivatives recognized in USMC handbooks, assemble,. A specified area in order to maintain order and security elements rejoin the platoon will not used! Crucial for a long time and continues the mission, etc., or top.! Guards use walkie-talkies for communication, cell-phones are crucial for a short period it shoots only if they become.... Forces increasingly are deployed in support of stability and or support operations the method initiating. Normally stays in the battalion S3 coordinates patrol activities with the help of a patrol halts an. To raids deep into enemy territory keep strolling around, they act as the visual deterrents the... An enemy force until his team or platoon may place out Claymores and use them to initiate the when. Leader must determine that the platoon leader should consider the following elements and weapons systems are sited preventing.... For an armed guard for a short period surveillance elements about the type and... Actions on the type, mission, and interdict the unusual event `` Warrior six. aware of platoon! Guide at the contact point areas like criminal Justice, Homeland security, tailoring it to a secure area debriefing! The rate and distribution of fires along routes that form a boxed-in area Figure! Guides are waiting before the platoon leader signals ( radio ) the platoon leader should attempt this procedure during... Patrol they want to join or opt to stay together throughout their time in the.! Covers the withdrawal of the enemy 's route of lives and property and to... Any attached personnel or rendezvous point or alternate patrol base to kill the first and important!