Once we know what is in the water, we can GUARANTEE we will fix it! If you don't backwash it properly, it loads up with the sulfur, iron or manganese. Hopefully, the newly invented system would provide clean, soft, odor-free potable water..... There are too many reasons to articulate why this won’t work. Tubidity = 9.9 NTU We would rather not use a salt-based system because of the complications we have with back-washing, so we were wondering if the no-salt conditioning would be an answer. Iron: 0.51mg/L routine monitoring of PH averages around 7.11 until calcite media gets coated by manganese and requires replenishment. Magnesium- 2.8. This wastes thousands of gallons of water each year. Is there some way to chlorinate an air injection type filter. It's important to note that the sulfur odor is most noticeable in the cold water lines immediately prior to cleaning with citric acid and KCl. Let me know if you have questions. What you are asking is like saying to the Doctor "I have a sharp pain in my stomach - tell me what I need." First off, how using peroxide does nothing to eliminate nuisance bacterias. I would pour one gallon of bleach down the well head. Also, we have decided against a softener. We did have a Pentak iron reducing filter in that position and it helped, but the manganese was still at staining levels. In many cases we have seen new wells drilled with the same water so treatment is their only option. There are no physical or health side effects. Manganese = 290 ug/L No contact tank - just catalytic carbon: I currently have a green sand filter and it does not work. Is there some media that can oxidize iron all by itself, without the need for pre-existing dissolved oxygen? Except for one thing, the presentation is very convincing. Therefore I propose to use the flow sensor on the Clack control head (softner) to trigger a Steiner pump. The solution is Hydrogen Peroxide. The inside parts of filter tank was covered in orange slime,I believe to be iron bacteria. So space is at a premium. Copper, running water- 0.02. customer feedback. The fact of the matter is that iron CAN be removed using an ion-exchange salt-regenerated water softener, but usually a water softener doesn't do it very long or very effectively. Thank you !! This is what you need: What would be the most effective way of treating my water issues? ( at the kitchen sink) We currently still have a high iron and manganese rating . Any thoughts? I respectfully disagree with you in using hydrogen peroxide as a water treatment option. Cordially, Hydrogen Peroxide is a good oxidizer but pouring it down the well does very little. Box 2783, Denton, TX 76202 | (888) 382-3814 | pwp@purewaterproducts.com. Color = 9.4 This is because it regenerates with soft water and fills the salt tank with soft water. I live in a trailer...my son and I....water travels around 35-40 feet at the most...we have a community well, it has a slight sulfur...smell.....heavy rust and calcium/lime deposits, my hot water tank is only 4 months old and it is already making noise.....do you have a complete water system I can install....also will this create soft water....my phone is 847-293-7272....thank you. of 100gal/person, that would be 200+ days per filter. On the other hand, iron is found in its ferrous form in most groundwater as well as in the deep zones of some eutrophic water reserves that are deprived of oxygen: this reduced iron Fe(II), will be in a dissolved and frequently complexed form. Then followed by greensand plus then centauer carbon. Here's what you need to do: Manganese dioxide is just another in the periodic group. I am replacing it with a new epoxy lined or galvanized 80 gal tank, a new air control valve and a micronizer. The first paragraph "The side effects are bad and the systems don’t work that well." No sulfur smell in the water, but definitely manganese problems. https://www.uswatersystems.com/flexx-oxi-gen-aeration-iron-and-sulfur-filter.html. I have been unable to locate a "retail source" of PAA (e.g. My assessment is that I have a bacteria problem (Fe and S metabolizing beasts that enjoy being warm) that I must kill. Checkout + Login / Register ; Cart / $ 0.00. It's a free country - you can say that water is composed of cottage cheese (doesn't make it so). Per our local health department everything else was considered ok. Our current iron is 0.58 mg/L Nd our manganese is 0.64 mg/L. Although my neighbor is having some success with a greensand/potassium permanganate. I debated whether I should post this since he called me a complete idiot, but I decided to go ahead and let you make up your own mind! What level of Manganese? https://www.uswatersystems.com/infusion-backwashing-filter-for-iron-sulfur-and-manganese-removal.html An overview of the water treatment methods for iron removal, from the April 2003 issue of Water Treatment . We need to know a lot more about the water before making any recommendations. Manganese- 0.239. If you think 25 ppm of iron is not high, then you might think 125 degrees F is not hot weather, but you would be wrong on both counts. It's all in the application. https://www.uswatersystems.com/us-water-systems-professional-lab-water-test.html What is your pH? I would suggest a detailed water test regardless: Hardness is around 70mg/L. https://www.uswatersystems.com/synergy-twin-alternating-metered-water-softener.html Using a maganese dioxide filter media weather gets anything from green sand plus to Magnavox Pro there are certain rules you must follow whether they are batch regeneration or continuous regeneration. PH: 7.9 we just had our well water tested and i was surprised at the results..we have a 3 stage water filter that should be able to handle the iron.. but everything turns orange, clothes, hair, tubs everything.. its a new construction and the well is a year old An MnO2 layer in the sand bed will catalyze the oxidation of residual iron. Water Testing by Professional Lab 35 Contaminants With Lead, Bodyguard Whole House Chemical Removal Filter by US Water Systems, US Water Systems All American 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System, Sanidyne Prime Remote UV-C Portable Air And Surface Sanitizer, Sanitaire RSCS280A Recessed Ceiling Mount UV-C Air Sanitizer. By using ion-exchange you don't produce a lot of iron sludge. How much Hydrogen Sulfide do you have? It is possible, but I have a few questions first: Marc, I am not a journalist, but I am a Master Water Specialist. Can't use mu hot tub because it seems thats where it ends up at the end of the water line. In my tests when used together produce a great instant oxidation ! I can help you, but first, I have to know what is in the water. Some things speak for themselves! If iron is the only problem, then this is the best method: KATALOX LIGHT! Apparently nefarious characters use can use it for non-friendly means! After cleaning inside of filter tank and adding Katalox the system filtered great but short lived, maybe two months. If not for this manganese issue the water would be fantastic. Alkalinity: 90 ppm I would like to know if the system we are using really is the best choice and perhaps we need to increase the filtration capacity (add a second AIO filter for instance) or maybe a different filter method is required for raw water with these levels? Oxidation Filtration (Iron Removal) Oxidation/filtration refers to precipitative processes that are designed to remove naturally occurring iron and manganese from water. James, If you are looking for more information on the best water softeners for iron remove check out our comprehensive reviews and buyers guide. The levels of iron, manganese, pH and other competing contaminants are essential before you do that. Iron filters great at removing high iron, hydrogen sulfide (h2s) rotten egg smell, manganese. With the right water filter, however, you can remove iron from your well water quickly and easily. Once we know EXACTLY what is in the water, then we can fix it. Chlorine does remove Manganeese. The following discussion will list the most effective and most commonly used methods of removing iron and manganese from water. House 1: 1 full bath, 1 powder room (toilet sink only) If the grammar and usage tell me that a presentation might be a scam, I abandon it and look for the truth as spoken or written by people who know how to use the English Language. While not a great disinfectant, it is a dramatically better oxidizer. So im thinking its building up inside the filter again,with the slime, perhaps. (function() { var js = window.document.createElement("script"); js.src = '//www.shopperapproved.com/seals/certificate.js'; js.type = "text/javascript"; document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(js); })(); 13% OFF MOST US WATER BRAND RESIDENTIAL SYSTEMS* | COUPON: VOYAGE20. Why wouldn't I publish it? Follow the directions on the bottle. You should achieve near 100% removal. Thanks in advance. Enviro Tech's Perasan® A). Thanks for your help, Specific contaminant removal is determined by the composition of the resin bed used. It would be very reckless of me to comment on your question, without more information. If it were my home, this is what I would use: Hi Mark: This is Michael (hydrogen sulfide problem - see your note 09.17.2016): Before installing one, I recommend a full water test, which would be this one: Removal of iron has been the topic of discussion between water treatment dealers for years (". PROJECT # 715194 Greg, do you have the entire test? Note that greensand and greensand plus, which you say work better than pure manganese dioxide, are both sand with manganese dioxide coatings... not sure where you are going with this. Does this sound like it could work? The don't have our own pump house, so everything is in the garage. Iron = 5400 ug/L Hi Mark At this point, PAA is not really a viable option. You have to decide if it is worth the cost. I am currently researching manganese filtration and would like some recommendations. New Name, Same Basic Filter Media. Hi Mark. What could be the cause? That's when I know I need to clean the injected lines. I don't really want to inject peroxide with a metering system if I don't have to. (I bet you won't post this comment.). Unique 5900 Control Valve allows the air pocket to be replenished each night, WITHOUT having the iron filter go through a complete backwash. Do you have any iron or sulfur? Any thoughts? The state limit for iron is 0.3 mg/L (but they don't seem too excited about it) and manganese is 0.05 mg/L (which the State is very upset about). And we are no longer seeing the staining. Concentrations below 0.3 ppm can still have profound adverse effects in manufacturing processes. It is a manganese dioxide based media. View/ Open. We seem to have solved our iron and manganese problem, although I'm not exactly sure what the filter is doing. I try to use proper grammer as much as possible, but I am not a trained writer. I have iron and Manganese in my water. https://www.uswatersystems.com/us-water-lab-water-test.html, I have iron bacteria problem - all of the vendors that I have met on site want to install a water softner. I have been treating water like this for a long time. https://www.uswatersystems.com/us-water-lab-water-test.html Mr. Timmons: Dan, Get rid of the chlorine injection. Should I do a chlorine well cleanse? Coliform and E coli- none detected. We have treated much worse iron, but 25 ppm is extremely difficult. Shawn, “Greensand Plus” is black granular media that is made by coating … pH = 7.6 If you are going to use H2O2, you would want to inject it with a chemical injection system like this: https://www.uswatersystems.com/stenner-single-head-proportional-chemical-injection-system.html It needs to be injected just ahead of the backwashing filter tank, but Katalox or any "LOX" media is not really desireable with H2O2, This is the media that you use with H2O2: https://www.uswatersystems.com/jacobi-catalytic-granular-activated-carbon-compare-to-centaur.html What you guys read on the system filters we retested our water it possible to the... Rotten egg smell at fixtures that are designed to last many years to every faucet in your auto converter... A GEOTEXTILE Javascript seems to me that PAA would be the most common problem well owners deal with our! Years ago and we have a few questions first: https:.! Great a job of removing iron and manganese from water carbon filter backwashing every other,! Temporarily get better, but that did n't seem to have solved our iron and pull it to air. First: https: //www.uswatersystems.com/infusion-backwashing-filter-for-iron-sulfur-and-manganese-removal.html Katalox is about 10 % manganese dioxide because the `` catalytic media is mis-leading... N'T seem to have solved our iron water filter, however, you order. Wells drilled with the level we have a well and the water then feeds into a 500gal storage,. We started seeing orange in toilets and such again disagree with you in hydrogen! Expect much dissolved oxygen from water to iron removal results with catalytic
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