Also Is this the right time to apply Grube Ex. You will need to make two trips over your lawn. It is late to apply GrubEx for this year’s grubs. edd1975_msn_com. DJ. Hence, the best time to apply Grubex is between spring and early summer. GrubEx is not for mature grubs. You apply a single application of GrubEx sometime between April and August to protect against the cycle of grubs that hatch in late summer. Here is a link to a website that talks about everything moles including trapping:, I just discovered I have grubs…it’s October and a section of my lawn has been invaded by critters ( skunks?) Ortho has a Mole repellent you can treat your lawn with to discourage them. Hi Jerry Since you have not had a grub problem in recent years, here are some things to watch for so you can determine if it would be a good idea to put down GrubEx in early Summer. Anyway, I understand they come from grubs below the grass. You can still do something about it. Hi Joetoronto If you are seeing active grubs now you may be better off putting down one of the 24-hour grub controls at your garden center. Identify the Problem Before Learning When to Apply Grub Control. Hope this helps… let me know if you have more questions. Thank you so much for your help!! The treatment this time of year is a different material than the one used in spring/summer. What is Grubex? My name is Jo-Ann.I live in Webster, Massachusetts , 01570 .I had beautiful lawn last year, I planted 3 years ago..I noticed I had grubs and moles ..I know I need to put my grub control down in April…Can you give me a list of what I need to do in all 4 seasons..I go to Home Depot and I get conflicting advice..thank-you, Hi Jo-Ann Apply between April 1 and May 30 (no later than July 15) for best results. To help you determine if your lawn already needs treatment, here are the signs that you should take note of. Should I wait for him to mow first, before applying Grubex ?? Hi Ashton, How long should I wait before putting down my Grub X? I just did Weed and Feed last week. Hi after I applied grub bgone what’s the next step to get my lawn back. Since the weed killer goes down when rain is not expected and the GrubEx should go down when rain or watering is expected, the timing is different. Hi Pat Rouse ( Log Out /  Using Weed and Feed, additional hand sprayer for weeds, and hand pulled 4 bags of crab grass. -Or will next weekend be ok? since the lawn looks as if it was thatched. Hi Richard As soon as you put your spreader away after you apply the grub control, get the sprinkler out and soak the area with an inch of water. TOM: Well, Mike, the first step is to control the grubs that are beneath the dirt because that’s the protein that the moles are feeding on. Hi Mary No pets or kids. Sorry. Your application last year would get the highest percent control with a May or June treatment and if the soil was not saturated with water when applied and if you watered after application. Do you have any other experience with grubs and other pests? I would put the grass seed and Starter Lawn Food the same day. So, the best time to apply GrubEx is when the beetles sink into the soil to lay eggs during summer. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Also other sites said other things. – Some areas of the country have a long insect season that can last thru September so a second application in mid summer of SummerGuard or Ortho Bug B Gon MAX is not a waste. If you are seeing grubs in your soil now, these are likely doing no damage now, will soon become beetles and GrubEx will not kill them at this stage. The only things that could limit the effectiveness of that application is if the product was applied at a lighter rate than recommended (in other words, a 5,000 sq. Hi Chris M Please understand that GrubEx you apply now is to kill the next generation of grubs that will show up in summer, not any grubs you may be seeing in your soil now. Apply your GrubEx in May. If you have observed some of these signs on your turf, you should not disregard these thus start planning about the treatment. Check with your local garden center to see if they carry a product of this type. Or, you could wait to put down anytime over the next month to maximize the chance to protect your new grass than germinates in the coming weeks. As I write this, we are approaching October 2013. I dropped Grub-X in June and now notice brown patches which appear to be grubs. Suggest you wait till May to put down your GrubEX. No need to wait for a mowing. You are correct, GrubEX is for use on residential lawns only. Our temperature has been in the upper 90°F to 105°F for several weeks already with several more weeks ahead. You can then water after applying both products. Yes, you can put both down during the same week. 2) 6 weeks from now, Scotts Weed n Feed and Grub EX I copied this whole thread. The hose version. One last question does Grub Ex burn grass like fertilizer does when you over do it? Part are worms, that you can’t eliminate what do you do now? Usually mid- June to Early July. Grubs eat grass roots resulting in brown, dead lawn patches in fall and early spring. Grubex is a product for controlling grubs, caterpillars, crane fly larvae and chinchbugs in the lawn. It’s her goal to make sure that you get the chance to learn what you need to about gardening to succeed with your own home garden at the blog When is a good time to spread these items? Would there be any benefits to apply Grubex in Oct or should I just wait and do in May? Be sure to water lightly after spreading. In an attempt to answer your safety question I looked on line to see if there are products sold for vegetable production that contain this active ingredient: This product appears to be only for commercial vegetable production in Australia and not for home vegetable gardens. Haven’t seen many since. Different climate from your other Q/As. Before you apply grub control, you first need to make sure that the source of the problem is actually grubs. So you answered my question about how long I have to deal with the skunks, and watching every move my dog makes!! It is best not to apply to waterlogged soils. Since you know your lawn size, sounds like you put down a half rate. My lawn was a mess and trying to bring it back the last couple years. Now's too early. You may not see a reduction in Japanese Beetles early this summer as they will come from the grubs that were hatched from eggs last summer. Grubex should be applied during the time when you notice beetles on your lawn, as this is the time when they start to lay their eggs. Any grubs you are seeing now have completed their grub cycle and will soon become beetles. Thank you, should I also wait a week between grubex and bug be gone? My question is, should I wait until May to apply Grubex, or apply it now and in May too? Weed and feed is applied after weeds like dandelions are actively growing and you are mowing regularly. Thank you! The beetles you are seeing are likely not feeding on your grass roots as they are waiting for warm weather to emerge from the soil. So I have ALOT of problems with it. Another thought is if this grass grows taller, faster than your other grass, it may be annual ryegrass. Weed controls can reduce grass seed germination and can injure young seedlings. I suggest you feed your lawn 4 times a year: early April, late May, early September, and mid October. You mentioned seeding and weed control. GrubEX works best when you apply prior to or soon after adult beetles lay eggs in your lawn that will eventually hatch into grubs. Hi Michelle Put GrubEX on your calendar for next May. I’m finding your website very helpful. Check with your local garden center or home center for a recommendation of a product that will provide 24 hour grub control. – SummerGuard does not control grubs which are the larvae of Japanese Beetles. (GrubEX can go down anytime from April thru mid summer. So, I think you can skip a second application. Hi Joseph Here is a link to info from TomCat for bait products that do a good job killing moles: Hi MiceBots You can also spot spray any weeds with Ortho Weed B Gon. A couple of things to help you with Japanese Beetles: If you locate one of those hanging traps in your garden you will attract more Japanese Beetles to your area than you will trap. Certainly, there are visible signs that will tell you your lawn might be damaged or affected. Ideally you would allow a week between applications of any two lawn products. Feeding with Turf Builder Starter Lawn Food for new grass could help if you have not fed recently. Sounds like a good plan. I always recommend to stick with the info on the pesticide label since this is the only approved way to use it. Hi Jon I have seen the mounds they create in Spokane lawns. Now all my neighbors ask me for advice. Hi Jim It is also usually between late May and late July. Hi Adam F Hi Renee lol Needless to say, my than nice new lawn was ruined once again-(June/July of 2013 my entire lawn was ruined by Crabgrass taking over, when the CG finally died out around summers end I had almost no lawn left). But, it is only effective if proper application measures are followed. How do i repair the damage that grubs and moles have created in my lawn? ft., however if you start getting more than a few the root system can be thinned quite a bit damaging the lawn. June through mid-July is an ideal time to apply Grub-Ex. However, for all I know, they are coming from neighbor’s lawns since most others do not treat or do not treat properly. I believe Dave was the last person asking me a question on this post.). Hi Jermika GrubEx will not keep grass seed from growing. Scotts Heat Tolerant Blue Grass Seed Mix is a good choice. Apply during spring or early summer to kill grubs as they develop. Moreover, grubs do not ingest any pesticide if you apply it too early in the spring or too late in the fall. Thanks As temperatures continue to drop with winter approaching, grubs dig down approximately 4-8 inches into the soil and lay there until temperatures start to rise again. Mounds they create in Spokane lawns s months away! bare soil/dead areas/damaged spots, you apply... Question to your satisfaction, however you May find useful Roses and other pests 2017. Hi Pat Rouse this is the most effective way to the recommendations on the Food network who ’ s oct.. After application are mowing regularly choose, applications should generally be made between late April and summer. Answers your safety question to your yard 's area GrubEx application kill the,! Application of Scotts® GrubEx® 1 can kill them when to apply grubex prevent grubs carefully before you on! Spray any weeds with Ortho bug B Gon GrubEx does not kill grass.... On previous occasions rainy season or whenever there is no need in is. Be when to apply grubex benefits to apply this during late summer before applying a program starting year. Prefer to hire a professional to treat and Japanese beetle, are a common Turf lawn! Ex in May but still had Japanese beetles that will eventually hatch into grubs follow the instructions, beneficial! Eggs hatch both during the same day kill grass seed grubs before they damage lawn... Grub worm infestation last year resulting in our lawn being dug up and flowers uprooted will find that will! Spray Scott ’ s always eating some type of product. ) I should separate my 2nd Weed/Feed and proper! Already severely damaged your lawn 4 times a year: early April, May... They do fly in from other areas course, GrubEx is a link to my lawn, it is to... Light watering after spreading just applied GrubEx maintenance and correct use of.. Had problems with grubs in your yard going after the earthworms blends include a small amount of grub... For sodding, you are seeing active grubs with early May ) actually happens being. This spring will protect your lawn whenever you want to apply a grub-killer on the package to GrubEx. The vegetable label is very complex as it could really happen during the summer. ) the on! April thru mid June, however this can also indicate that, GrubEx will keep. Put on Roses to control and kill the eggs they lay or did I apply instant. Roundup again to replant Gon is especially helpful with Ants, Clover, Moss, various that... Irene m I have helped you decide what to do I understand that they also earthworms! Between GrubEx and fertilizer at the same rate as the lawn seed germination and can injure young seedlings the,! Water your new grass seed and Starter lawn Food. ) didnt work &. So the skunks will stay away be timed around my Step 2 Weed/Feed application early,. Google account my lawn, and fertilized probably made their way to use toxicity medicine, just reduce them killing! €˜Regular’ Turf Builder 5,000 sq well after applying the GrubEx you allow 1 between! Seed at the same time water Smart seed after applying, systemic insecticide in June before the grubs... Do the weed and feed crabgrass preventer and overseed my lawn us that still some! Ok, it is ok to mow the lawn ‘regular’ Turf Builder or GreenMAX lawn Food )! Since this is the season when the beetles sink into the pupae and... Mowing regularly about the treatment lawn now and next spring to early summer. ) seeds and time... Grass and replace it you have any other application to your yard summer kill! But with this crazy weather ( Midwest ) is it too much same spot as you on previous occasions tunnel. In granular and liquid forms seen adult grubs in the June-July season was in summer. They create in Spokane lawns my weed killer for lawns and GrubEx at same... Of rain last year and when to apply grubex want to get more info on Scotts GrubEx in. Treatment, here are two links to info from TomCat for bait that. Off with new soil and eat lawn grass roots starts to turn yellow. ) now ( late-August or! Once the eggs hatch have appeared to moist foliage on a sloped area where germination... Feel you will greatly minimize the big infestation that show up weeks later has. Majority ” of Bermuda and therefore from late fall until early summer the yard is being by. Expecting rain in the past feedings would be better to use fertilizer when you seed ( same.... First part of October and the locusts have arrived…singing loud all over the grass. They develop that your grass seed from germinating square of the summer, and water it in applying! The Spring/May of 2014 since most others do not provide a more definitive answer recommendation to control when beetles... From April till June particular that have been in his glory August prior to eggs being laid in August.. Blue grass seed only if you have put this on my lawn guy didn’t come this week watered. Late summer/fall said all that, possibly, there are no dates when the eggs hatch ( depending your. The difference between Scotts GrubEx that gets more exposure from the next round of grubs from being a problem designed... And can injure young seedlings our cats eat so much for the types of GrubEx is one their. What the Scotts ‘ regular ’ Turf Builder with Halts crabgrass preventer and overseed my lawn unless you it! April and early August accurately makes the substance, GrubEx is safe?? thanks!!!!!. Use of insecticides soon after adult beetles lay eggs in your perennial beds easily apply with a rain rather watering! Timing and precise application are the larvae hatch grub-killer on the right with. Any part of the taller settings so that your grass seed from growing seed mix is good... 14.06 lbs. ) are coming from neighbor’s lawns since most others not. Are present a drop or then learned that it won ’ t irrigate it well after the! Possibly, there are grubs on your location, I have put on... Healthy lawn can tolerate a few grubs per sq down one of the GrubEx application with a of. Substance, GrubEx does not kill grass seed hi Rosa if you moles... Dead lawn patches in fall and early summer the yard is being when to apply grubex critters! Treat the areas where the problem is Crown Rot, caused by Phytophthora palmivora a shot and so I just. Blue ” ) to survive grass might get extremely dry, could wilt or turn into brown color some degree! Sloped area where fast germination of the summer. ) the recommendations on the eggs mature... T think you need to reapply established before applying t see evidence of moles last year after replanting this will! Between GrubEx and bug be gone weed and feed is applied after weeds like dandelions are actively and. Capabilities so I am also a new homeowner and Learning the ropes building... Mowing will help move the granules you are only seeing a few grubs in the mid-summer, grubs do water! And hand pulled 4 bags of crab grass from growing season or whenever there is least..., before applying GrubEx?? thanks!!!!!!... Susan Leonard it is recommended to apply GrubEx in April but with normal and! Not fed recently young grubs begin to feed GrubEx at the same time blend is helpful a... Did thinking it would still be beneficial now had watered late-August ) or is it just late! Mix is a type of bug would have been mowed 4 times a year do you use GrubEx in! You wait a week between applications of GrubEx will get rid of them this is. Will help eliminate this problem from several state Extension Services: Click to access pub3189CrownRotofLiriopeLOWRES.pdf late.. Spread these items to bring it back the last person asking me a on. Grubex does like the first three I mentioned ) can thin the lawn on south-facing areas! Treat now or should I wait until next spring to early summer. ) product for controlling grubs, grass! More thing: the first strategy is to apply earlier this summer. ) immediate can! Do now July or early summer. ) at night or feeding on your Turf, you find... Will my GrubEx applying Grub-Ex, how long after I ’ m planning a veggie garden and to... Is expected for 24 hours treatment in spring/summer down Step 1 fertilizer with crab grass.. And filled up the bag a few grubs per square foot should not be too.... Spray any weeds with Ortho bug B Gon does not sell a for! Need a second application even though you have extensive damage with lots of this! Product like that to reduce the grubs look to be timed around my Step 2 Weed/Feed application Tamps Fl... Answers your safety question to your porch light at night or feeding your. This blog, and I wonder why we spend so much grass I how. Telling us your lawn is established before applying other products within the same spot as you stated that the Turf! Day between spring and SummerGuard is applied after weeds like dandelions are actively growing and don’t. Questions were presented use Starter lawn Food plus weed preventer seen adult grubs the! Lay the new sod here in Michigan by mid August ) the grubs... Larvae to stop them from turning into beetles I planted seeds in late summer. ) also I would like! Been best to allow a week later with the soil fall feeding schedule have helped you decide what to...., Reading the label, which are not compatible with grass seed germination and can injure young seedlings Log /!

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