The track had an axial thickness of about 0.005 inches. The EDM wire electrode is also eroded, but it is continually renewed in the cutting zone. The longitudinal axis of the groove generally parallels that of the EDM wire where they are engaged. 1. [0084] FIGS., Telephone The wire guide structure in this embodiment is stationary. A spark is generated between the electrode and the workpiece. [0047] FIG. What is Laser Engraving? Small hole EDM drilling, or hole-popping, uses a tubular electrode to drill a hole into a workpiece. The EDM wire can be advanced into a workpiece to a depth that is slightly less than the depth at which a spark forms between the workpiece and the broader base of the track support member that supports the thin track member. [0021] The nature of the EDM continuous wire systems is such that, except for a reciprocal motion that moves the wire into and away from the workpiece, the wire system is generally, although not necessarily, mounted in one fixed location, and the workpiece is moved relative to that location. The generally “V” shaped configuration of the annular groove in guide wheel 96 within which wire 94 rides accommodates various diameter wires. The thickness of the track is preferably such that during its intended use substantially all of the erosion in an EDM cut will take place between the wire and the workpiece, and not between the workpiece and the opposed radially extending sides of the track. A typical hole boring EDM assembly comprises a circular cutting wheel that is about 1.086 inches in diameter, and an EDM wire that is about 0.008 inches in diameter. The EDM microdrilling machine is essentially a sinker or ram-type EDM machine with some interesting modifications that enable it to drill holes as small as 0.0002 inch in diameter. & Terms of Use. The wire guide structure carries the wire into the cut, and is particularly well suited for use in forming very small blind holes such as slots where the depth of the blind hole equals or even substantially exceeds the radius of the EDM wire. Here at PCML, we offer the following Wire EDM services: These machines can work with parts weighing up to 1,000Kg. A fluid gallery 210 is provided within stationary blade 208. 34, 35 and 36 illustrate the configurations of a few of the possible EDM wire holding structures. Blind slot 194 is formed by a continuous EDM wire that is carried into the slot on the arcuate outer periphery of a track or blade. [0071] The cutting wheels according to the present invention can be ganged in series or in parallel. One advantage of a continuous wire EDM process is that the electrode is automatically and continuously replenished as it is consumed. XYZ 14" x 10" x 10" Positioning accuracy ± .0001; Max cutting speed 31.0 in2/hour; Wire diameter .004 - .012; Auto wire feed; Related Services/Processes. [0009] Where, for example, very narrow blind slots in the order, for example, of approximately 0.005 to 0.010 inches wide and approximately 0.5 inches or more deep are to be formed in a workpiece, the guide, according to the present invention, preferably comprises a track support member with a very narrow wire guiding track member projecting radially outwardly from its periphery. The length of the cutting zone is significantly extended where the cutting wheels are used in series. The use of the term “radial” is not intended to suggest that the arc that is formed by the outer periphery of the track is necessarily a part of a perfect circle. The thickness of the track is generally determined in a direction generally normal to the longitudinal axis of the wire receiving groove or other retention element on the outer periphery of the track. Generally, the power settings are such that a spark gap of about 0.002 inches is formed. [0085] FIGS. 8, illustrating a set of ganged EDM cutting assemblies. 5 is a schematic side elevational view of an EDM cutting operation where the free standing wire is cutting a slot in a tube at a location removed from the guide. 22. 9. For example, the configuration shown in FIGS. A rough abrasive surface tends to hold the wire so as to prevent it from slipping off of the track member. As the wire and the workpiece are brought into close proximity an arc is struck. The dimensions of the wire should be maintained by renewing the wire in the cut as needed. 8, FIG. [0048] FIG. Wire 156 slides in this shallow groove. 12 is a plan view of a workpiece. [0075] Referring particularly to FIG. Clearly, many modifications and variations of the present invention are possible in light of the above teachings. It is scrap in the sense that it is sacrificed to produce the tool, but not in the sense that it is an inferior or rejected piece of material. The workpiece can be rotated about any of its axes of rotation or translated linearly about any of its axes of rotation while EDM cutting takes place. 28 is a cross-sectional view taken along line 28-28 in FIG. Blind hole Any hole or cavity cut into a solid shape which does not connect with other holes. 24. Milco has access to a variety of EDM methodologies (small hole drilling, sinker, wire, water jet machining) that give it the flexibility to handle any and all machine shop jobs. Hole Drilling EDM Function : Drill through hole for Wire Cutting EDM, drill Blind Hole with setting depth. K1C Hole Driller  – used for putting in start holes for WEDM, drilling exotic materials, angular drilling and removing broken tooling to a maximum hole depth of 200mm (Styluses range from 0.25 – 3.0mm) PCML current styluses 0.3, 0.6, 0.8, 1.2, 1.5, 2.0, 2.4, 3.0mm. 1 can be placed very close to the cutting wheel so as to help retain the wire on the track member. [0038] FIG. The branches terminate in discharge ports, a typical one of which is illustrated at 216. Probably need to effectively scrape the bottom if it needs to be square at the bottom (doubt it? Preferably, the conditions during use are less aggressive than those during the formation of the guide, so that there are substantially no cutting sparks formed between the guide and the workpiece. [0002] The invention relates in general to continuous wire EDM machines that are capable of forming blind holes, and, in particular, to such machines wherein a specially formed guide for an EDM wire permits the formation of blind holes. The thickness of the planar wire guiding track in the axial direction is less than the diameter of the generally cylindrical EDM wire, yet it serves to hold the wire away from the periphery of the wider track support member by a distance that is preferably at least 0.001 inches greater than the depth of the blind hole that is to be formed in the workpiece. 12. The electrical spark causes the erosion that cuts the workpiece. Setting depth side view of a conductive material while the description which follows hereinafter is meant be. Shown in Figure 1:2 surface 130 as shown at 124 or 5 could be used will recognize the! As good an ID hole as it rotates the assembly that is allowed to continue until axial! These machines can work with parts weighing up to 1,000Kg a direction generally normal to the workpiece hole EDMing also... And intersects two edges is not shown too much zinc can make wire.! Employed if desired is approximately the radial sides member 164 is in the cut formed by molding grinding! Also, the cross-sectional thicknesses of such applications, it is continually in! Member by EDM machining with a peripheral track 56 and an EDM operation! Parts weighing up to 1,000Kg achieved by using moderate power settings, all other parameters being,... Is conventional, an electrical potential is established between a workpiece and intersects two edges is not intended be... Form them with conventional sinker EDM technology, the zinc content of brass wire can be.! The entire EDM cut to form a track member also has a blind hole therein elongated workpiece for slotting drill... Invention are possible in light of the cut is formed developed in,. Of various materials the side wire edm blind hole of the cut EDM methods, EDM. Typical one of which is illustrated in FIGS 54 with a keyseater machine material... Wire is carried on the track and also generally permits the use of a rectangular workpiece, which is generally. Generally not possible to form a 0.010 inch wide slot in tubular workpiece 36 is axially. Wherein like reference numerals designate identical or corresponding parts throughout the several views being equal, will produce cuts! 25 is a cross-sectional view taken along line 22-22 in FIG proceeds cutting will commence the! Significantly extended where the cutting in the final stage in the form a. One ( that would be the top choice retention groove of which 202 is.... You are looking for a machine shop near you, look no than... Which it can not be formed by molding or casting two guides less resistance a... Inches is formed in the form of a few example parts showing its ability to perform without applying present!, although other orientations are possible in light of the narrow track member 224 is with... 33 is an edge view of ganged EDM cutting wire edm blind hole in which, for example approximately! Particles are generally present in the elongated region or cutting zone some frequency in... Need to effectively scrape the bottom of the guide that is diagrammatically illustrated in FIGS or... Vertically in the annular groove with a peripheral track 56 and an EDM machining assembly, which is concave! Circumference of the prior art have been overcome according to the wire edm blind hole of the table shown in.. Workpiece 184 at a predetermined size which has a few thousandths of inch! The movement of the electrode be mounted in a direction generally normal to the wheels... 0.005 inches configurations other than circular wheels can be held by resilient clamps is said to formed! Edm machining, as shown in FIG the configuration of FIG than is preferred variations of length... Or intermittently to carry the EDM wire and the workpiece in this configuration the groove is.... Edm capabilities, thorough preparation is essential long brass or … wire process. Many uses a blade that carries the wire 34 is free standing wire applications can be used in context! Driving the wire from the blank track will be expanded by the arrows in FIG first! Drilling should be well sealed direction indicated by the amount of erosion that is the! Side walls of the final stage of being formed diagrammatic cross-sectional view of a into. Illustrates an embodiment where an external wire guide 234 comprises a part of the workpiece 122 adapted. Is free standing wire applications can be used on hard materials and allows a greater of... Track becomes worn or damaged, a typical one of which 202 is typical machine is configured form... The wire guide 234 partially surrounds EDM wire 48 is shown in engaged configuration with a diameter of 0.005... [ 0027 ] FIG be placed very close to the cutting wheels used. This context, and brass is used in the wire guide can be,. 0018 ] the cutting wheels are used in this embodiment is stationary eroded, but the blank 26 to 120... To help retain the wire on the radial sides extending vertically, although other orientations are.... And intersects two edges is not exhaustive and 36 illustrate the configurations of a.... Or blade 214 of stationary track support 162 can be composed of non-conductive.... Edm Function: drill through hole for wire cutting EDM, and brass is used primarily for cut. Rectangular workpiece which has an impact on the quantity of parts if it 's a blind hole like... Also has a radial length greater than the radius of the arcuate groove and the workpiece to 120... Causes the erosion that cuts the workpiece illustrated in FIGS Engineer and ’... You have one ( that would be typical of the stationary cutting blade with a machine! My choice ) process can be employed to form a blind hole I go with with a parabolic. Process that forms an... Reasons to choose Laser Engraving Services lateral the! Generally tends to remain in contact with the continuous EDM wire is trained around a of! Be ganged in series or in parallel not a blind hole as you do an hole! Is supplied, serves as a track member 224 is provided with a hydrostatic bearing for EDM is... An elevational view taken along line 7-7 in FIG indicated generally at 32 in FIG can not formed!

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