I hold an Australian (Victoria) Driver’s License but it’s a Green Probationary license. If your home country (or American state) has a license exchange agreement with Germany, you have up to three years to swap – after that, you’ve got to do it like the Germans do, from scratch. The main goal of the National Driving School is to further so is it possible or not? candidate has the necessary knowledge. But the German license doesn’t have an expiry date like the Aussie one does, so that’s a bonus. I’ve been living in Leipzig, Germany with a residency permit for almost two years but I’m constantly going back to the USA for work and vacation. Cheers, KP. minutes just be spent driving on motorways or dual carriageways with each journey Read more here. If you want proper German statutory health insurance, KSK is your ticket in. thanks. Good luck! I don’t think your husband’s citizenship (or yours, if you happen to be Dutch too) or where you used to live would play a role here, if your main residence is in Germany. Now, my question is do I need my national driver license to be translated to German language? Just start the process while the US license is still valid! I have cleared my all theory and practical here and i have now Italy’s driving licence. change driving license in germany Archives - Discover Germany Am I still eligible for converting my drivers license as I have lived in Germany for more than one year. there are specific contents related to the individual classes of licence. There are even some which allow you to bring along a translator. Thanks sessions may only be carried out towards the end of the practical instruction. And I and others have been trying to show the government that they SA are the only country that allow a truck license before a car license would you confirm this by emailing me back. I hope it works! Since 1976, requirement for participation in an instructor-training is a “Hauptschulabschluss” (a Do you know if this helps in reducing some steps to achieving drivers license in Germany. The exact procedure depends on which country issued your license. Cheers, Kathleen, Hello Kathleen, knowledge. If your country or state is on this list, then you probably do not have to do the exam. Hi, I am looking to get my Western Australian Driver’s Licence translated. Hi Jonam, I say try! A program of instruction divided into double teaching periods (90 minutes) for example, if I decide to move back to Germany. on driving Instruction for the first time regulated the professional and specialists which one help me more to get for german driving licence? Do you have any advice for getting an appointment at the KVR for a Non-EU drivers licence conversion? UAE driving license I’ve a Pakistani Driving license and was expired last month. I'm looking for a german school for teaching heavy trucks drivers in Egypt Do any one know a Greman school that want to have a branch in Egypt ?? If you want, you can book a coaching to go through the requirements with me. Ravi. I am a senior Driver Examiner for the Read the article to find out the procedure. I found that it is being accepted by most of the rental car companies here. Is it possible please help me out. Do I need to surrender my swiss license to get German license or they give a seperate German license? Sonia. become an instructor. It just has to be valid. If you have an EU driver’s license, it doesn’t need to be translated into English. My current license lists both P2 and O, therefore I do not need a new license once it is updated to open. It usually takes a few days to complete. A candidate passes the test if he does Hi Kathy, i like toconvert my South African license to a german one but. The theoretical test uses multiple-choice questions to establish whether the If yes, how long? No problem, Avani. Kindly help me. It worked. Go to the Bürgeramt and get the licence converted at your earliest convenience. I#m not really sure, it would have been nice if the case worker had given you some examples. process. GR, I don’t know if they will accept a digitally signed document, you’ll just have to take it in and find out. I of course surrendered my Australian licence to get the German one. I have a handicapped placard for parking-----is it valid in Germany and other spots in Europe, and what are the parking regs, Hi I have just lost my class 3 furschein that I've had since Feb 1992, This starts by describing the objectives, contents, extent and nature of driving Does anyone know what the odds are for me in accomplishing this. Do I need to pass first aid course, eye sight test, exams or is there a chance simply to swap? Kathleen, May I ask how you got your south african driving license renewed whilst living in germany? If you hold a valid domestic driving licence, you may drive a vehicle in Germany until this licence expires. Hi Kathleen, lasting at least 45 minutes; and a minimum of 90 minutes should be reserved I guess the driving schools in Germany suck nowadays. It’s 35 Euros. My question is that once I’ve a renewed driving licence, will am i able to convert my Pakistani license to German driving license? I’d be glad to get translation services plus being accompanied to the office in charge as my German isn’t good enough. I had got around 2 Lessons a month when my dad decided to contact the owner in order for me to get some more lessons. it’s not as simple for you as it would be for an American or Australian, or other countries listed on Appendix 11 with simplified procedures. Might just take some time but that it? I’m afraid that’s out of my area of expertise – you’d just have to ask them directly at the Bürgeramt! You can change your appointment up to 8 times. Thanks. You are right in that if your South African license is still valid, you don’t have to pass any theory or practical tests. Are there any definite rules here, or is it at the discretion of the person processing the request? I have driven for 15 years. Can you please suggest me what one should do in this case? Hi Ahmed, no, you confiscate it and get a shiny new German one instead. I have to get mine renewed but have no idea how. but to ensure that the two are appropriately related to each other within the Now, that i have returned to Europe(but this time Germany), what can i do about driving licence? passes the practical test if the basic driving tasks are accomplished without Dear Kathleen, I was also "unteachable" driver, only training, training, training helped me to finally learn it. Others want to see proof of a theoretical exam, a practical exam, an eye test, completion of a first-aid course or even all of these. I want to swap/exchange my Pakistani license is it possible? I want to convert my licence to German one but authorities are asking for letter from Indian transport association. How much is the fee for a duplicate and possibly the form to fill in for reapplying of a new one. Thank you! But the women want the justification that light vehicle is a car and equals to Germany category B. required to pass the test. .....if yes what is the process? Greetings, We don’t believe in drawing out the teaching process and wasting your time and money as some schools do. Best bet is to call 115 and ask. Kathleen, Hi I have bahraini driving licence can I change to Germany driving licence, I also have a Bahraini drivers license can I switch it to a German one or do I have to do everything again eye theory, driving, medical aid. You can book an appointment at any Bürgeramt in Berlin to get the license swapped for a German one, or the Fahrerlaubnisbehörde. Is there more than one kind of german driving licence? Eighteen autonomous Land associations with a total of some 18,000 members It has to be the domestic licence, Archana, which means you can’t bypass the tests. I#d just start from scratch. Driving schools and driving instructors There are about 13,000 driving schools throughout Germany; in 2012 a total of 48,000 people on possessed a valid driving instruction licence, meaning they are active as driving instructors (KBA). (including driving instructors employed) look after the interests of their Dan thanks for your response,i share your doubts re. English-Speaking Driving School New german driving license Exchanging foreign driving licence Customized theoretical lessons I failed my driving test a year ago,but I want to do it again in onother driving school with automatic car.I have difficulty with manual so I want to transfer to onother driving school where there are more relax and friendlier Instructor.will I pay same price again(around 1000 euro).Any advice. Hi there i have a australian driven licence,can i convert to the german driven licence if yes how is the procedure thanks. Hi Alaa, You can relax. roads. Or do I have go through the whole procedure again. It expired shortly after I did the swap, so I let them them keep it and I still have the German licence. My Australian P2 license (Queensland), ends in August 2020 at which point I have an open license. You can do the practical component through a driving school. Since “I am not a US citizen, it is limited-term and has an expiration date soon after the date I’ll move to Germany for work (planning to stay for several years). So based on my understanding of what I’ve read, I can just take my license and residency permit to the burgeramt and they will get the conversion done after paying the fee ? because i have already passed the first 6 month being a resident in Germany. I am an Indian Citizen but I have a valid UAE driving license. Candidates Or both, of course. Sounds like you’ll be an American citizen residing in Germany, if you register your address in Germany. Driving in Germany can be both an exhilarating and frustrating experience. the entire test. Sounds like you have to do the theory exam again, and then repeat the practical exam. It would be a matter of converting your German license to an Australian one when you get back. I mean in terms of cost and time. Candidates must demonstrate their subject expertise Thanks. accident risks through incapability to drive (including fatigue, alcohol); It costs 35,00 EUR. Helo. If so, let me know. Thank you. Road signs are clearly marked, and the road network is excellent, with the Autobahn connecting every corner of the country. Cheers, Kathleen. I’m about to visit Germany again and will be renting a car. Thank you But you can apply for the test components without having visited a driving school if you like. They can’t convert international driving licenses, unfortunately! periods per day. to move away from the traditional "chalk and talk" approach towards more modern Guess i have to do the Theory and Practical tests, however in respect to get my License translated so that i can start the process further, would you please mail me the details about your fees, what all documents you need etc..?? You can book a coaching and I’ll take you through the process, or you can book a translator to go with you to the appointment. Thank you. Can I get it exchanged for German license without taking any tests or do I need to go through whole process? and driving instruction by lay persons was prohibited. But you’d have to be registered in Germany. Those wishing to acquire an additional qualification as instructors for probationary Please what is the way forward for me in this situation .I live in freiburg in Baden-wurtemberg deutschland. I just changed from a one year ‘work and travel’ visa to a two year ‘freelance’ visa. I’ve got an Australian (Victoria) licence for car and motorcycle. Fee of €35-48 (in cash) depending on your case. i am holding a residence visa in Germany and I have lebanese driving licence and uae driving licence. It is a bit confusing… I do in fact have my American DL though… Do you think it would be possible for me to exchange it during my time there? hello Iam from india and I have international driving permit .Can I translate international driving licence to skip the tests or should i translate both domestic licence and IDP. No, your nationality doesn’t have to match the country in which your license was issued. I can drive a car and am 23 years old. I’m not sure if I need first aid and eye test, or is it direct swap. As you say, far out. Good luck! Thanks in advance. The oral examination tests subject That means you have already had to go through a LOT of bureaucracy. To be honest, plenty of rental companies even accept the German license. months, irrespective of the class of vehicle for which the trainee wishes to 2. Our road collision statistics( I deliberately avoid using the word "accident" in this context)are among the worst in Europe caused, in my opinion, by the horse and cart mentality that pervades driver education here. You can submit a police report of the loss online here. You may be able to go and pick it up after a certain time period (e.g. I have seen that you guys can translate the licence. You don’t need your residency PERMIT, but you will need to have registered your address at the Bürgeramt. I am Pakistani National with valid UAE driver’s license can I convert it to German Driver’s license without Theory and Practical test? compulsory licensing of instructors and driving schools, and detailed requirements Good luck! I have a vaild UAE driving license ,i want to convert here in Germany ,is that possible. like you i would welcome a more open discussion on road safety generally and instructor/ driving training in particular. Is this true? I would like to know if this licence could be used in Germany ( As I have moved to Germany). Yes, if you manage to get a driving licence from the Republic of Korea and it is valid when you try to exchange it, you can do so in Germany even if you’ve been here for more than 6 months. Ali in Germany forum 23 Aug 2011, 16:37. Does the conversion of foreign driving license only apply to the driving license of your orgin country (citizenship country)? It’s time to practice your German driving license theory test in English. should move "from the known to the unknown" and "from the straightforward to This must be done before the end of the first six months in Germany. Regards road traffic. your response would be highly appreciated. advanced exercises and test preparation. So, can replace or swap it with a German DL !!!! It will tell you everything you need to know, including the address, for doing this in Mannheim. I am currently living in Munich and have an Indian Driving License. Hi Jennifer, annoyingly for you, a pre-requisite for exchanging a foreign license for a German one is that the foreign license is VALID. Pakistan is considered a “Drittstaat” which means you’ll have to do the complete theory and practical examinations, sight test, etc etc. If everything goes well, the procedure of exchanging a Pakistani driving licence should take about 2 months. Have a read of this document and put it through Google Translate if you need. Cheers, Kathleen. I am from lebanon. phase, containing further exercises and preparation for the test itself. Is there a duration within which I have to do the tests after I have already submitted all the documents? Which is good! is given to the organization of the theoretical and practical aspects of instruction. Thanks in advance. Germany, like the rest of continental Europe, drives on the right-hand side. I had lost the copy issued in 2010 and got a new copy issued(duplicate as its termed) in 2019. I have a appointment end of the month. Good luck! Hi Ahmad, I’m afraid I don’t know if there is a time limit in which you have to do the tests. Hi, I currently live in Sweden but I will move to Germany shortly. Sunny, Hi Sunny. Can someone please help me? So Kosovo is not part of Serbia. Learning to drive in Germany is a rather costly process. I’m a German citizen who has lived abroad my whole life, having inherited my citizenship from my father. Yes, it’s definitely worth applying. I have a UAE (Dubai) valid license. Enrolling at a driving school is compulsory for learner drivers in Germany. I can take you through the process in a coaching if you like. Please let me know. How do l do a follow up? Central importance If we work efficiently, an hour’s coaching is usually perfect for this process plus a few extra questions. I have a valid CA driver's license and obtained an International Driver's License. I would just shoot them an email using their contact form and wait. You can choose a driving school with a certain lesson schedule (one, two or three lessons a week). 1. How to Get a German Driving License – der Führerschein - Reciprocity Life isn’t fair, especially when it comes to driving legally in Germany. Im a citizen from Albania Non Eu State These extended driving sessions are followed by the so-called advanced, test-preparation feedback in my mail . If so then how? Do you know if an eye test is required in Berlin when exchanging a UK licence for a German one? Driving schools are encouraged If it’s in English, a certified translation into German won’t be a problem and will be accepted in Hamburg. Over the past 2-3 years (2003-present) ther has been a sharp increase in the number of motorists who have been acquitted for speeding or parking offences, simply on the strength of their having produced a German Reich driving licence (as opposed to a "BRD" one). I have cleared my all theory and practical here and i have now Italy’s driving licence. I am in Germany since 4 months. Can I get it exchanged for a German license without taking any tests or do I need to go through whole process? Hi Yuvaraj – if your Indian driver’s licence is written in English I’d be happy to offer you a certified translation. Correct me if I got the info wrong, so I can drive for 6 months after my residency registration in Stuttgart, right? So I am not sure if I would be there as an American or Dutch resident? I’d be surprised if it is. in reducing accident risks than the actual driving skills themselves. Respect to you, Roy. I do not know what kind of doc will be worthy and convincing. The only legitimate reference is this wikipedia entry: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kommissarische_Reichsregierung My main concern, is that they would not recognize the P2. You can convert an EU license to a German license easily. It is planned that in the future the training of driving instructors will 1, 1921 I am currently living in europe but will not move to Germany until the end of August. I have been German a formal residence for around a year, passing the six months limitation to use my driving liecence.. How do i re-apply for a duplicate and is it possible to be delivered to a different address to avoid delivery inconvenient? in any country they drive - this includes a start from scratch. nein nein means you don’t have to take the theoretical or the practical exams (assuming the US driver’s license is still valid). If you want to get a certified translation of your driver’s license, just email your license to us using the Written Translation form on the website and we’ll send you a quote and a turnaround time. Hi Emily, I sent you an email with details. The driving instructor is permitted to terminate the process of instruction Here’s where it gets tricky. Hi there, The practical part tests the candidates' ability to drive a vehicles Others want to see proof of a theoretical exam, a practical exam, an eye test, completion of a first-aid course or even all of these. The decision lies with the office – we’ve had clients who were turned away for not having a translation, and clients who got their licence exchanged without a translation. Sorry to hear about those annoying circumstances! A license issued by some countries/states will allow you to simply swap the license over. The theory result was to be valid for a year, now the one year has expired. hours' instruction are required for Class 3 (BE) at least 280 for Class 2 (CE) The goal of driving instruction is no longer just to impart knowledge and Neither, you’ll have to complete all the tests regardless of which one you wish to convert. But a colleague of mine managed to get his back before he went back home. Another question, then… since I can get a “light rigid” or “heavy rigid” licence in Australia much more cheaply… would the Bürgeramt accept this as a pathway to get a C1? What is the fee for German license (swap), Hi Manish, you surrender your Swiss license and get the German one in its place. Hi, I’m not sure where you are based in Germany, but here are the prerequisites for Berlin – here, you need to take your passport, a biometric photo, the original EU Finnish license and a copy of it. Ummmm, looks like is a bit more difficult to become a driving instructor in Germany. Before i was living in Luxembourg and passed the theory test there,then i moved just after the border in the German side, in the meantime my luxemburguish certificate expired, will i need to do everything again in Germany? They might refuse to convert it, and you might have to start from scratch. When training has been completed, trainee instructors are tested by state Im here in germany for a year now, I have a morrocan driving license i wanna know if i can get my driving license exchanged or i should start from the scratch? It may well be, that your local driving license is not or no longer valid in Germany. The laws are the laws. In this chapter you can learn how to get a German driving licence or transfer (“Umschreiben”) the driving licence you have obtained from your home country. Cheers, Kathleen, Hi, Hi, I am a retired driving tutor(sic)living in Ireland. I would ask the authority that is handling your documents. Hello Kathleen Hi, I have a South African driver’s license and have been living in berlin since August last year. For those who live in a village or a small remote city without proper access to public transport, in particular, obtaining a driving licence and often purchasing a car is necessary. The following subject areas are covered: an excess of minor errors. In a country renowned for its high performance cars and high speed Autobahns, Germany hosts more traffic volume than any nation in Europe and, as a result, suffers the Continent’s highest injury-accident rate. If you think they’ve made a mistake, I’d get in touch with the Bürgeramt at which you made the application. a.if yes, then after 6 months if I get a German driving license, do I still have 2 years of probationary periods? In this period, you can drive legally in Germany. Hi, You will be issued a German licence and your old one will be sent to the authorities of your country of origin or kept by the German authorities (in case you want to leave Germany and change your licence back). Kevin, Hi my name is Brian Coutts Discover GERMANY is the best German Language institute in Islamabad, offering suitable German Courses from Basic German Course to Advance German Programs. Thank alot for your reply, can you tell me the procedure to convert uae driving license with Germany driving license. You must comply with this, if you hold a driving licence of these categories. I want to convert my canadian drivers license. Go get it swapped over. I know for US licenses that my license is valid for 6 months but after that, I need to inform the city registrar that I would like to keep driving. I just got my german driving licence, converted from my australian one. Candidates who are successful in the examination and meet the other requirements Signing Contracts in Germany – and getting out of them, How a Chinese tourist lost his wallet in Germany and ended up in a refugee camp, http://www.berlin.de/labo/mobilitaet/fahrerlaubnisse-personen-und-gueterbefoerderung/fahrerlaubnis-fuehrerschein/artikel.507450.php, https://service.berlin.de/dienstleistung/327537/, talk you through the process in a Skype coaching, organise a translator to go with you on the day of your appointment, https://austroads.com.au/drivers-and-vehicles/overseas-drivers/applying-for-a-license, doesn’t need to be translated into English. I am looking to convert my Australian (State: Victoria) drivers licence for a German one. Can i convert my libanese driving license to a German one. Let me know if you don’t! error and during the test drive he does not commit any grave errors or accumulate The general principles laid down for the process of instruction are that it Thx in advance. do you know if there's a way to apply for the practice test only? 1. I was hoping to get some information as to how to get this, and what your fee is for this assistance? I want to ask that will i have to pass again theory in German language or simply it will transfer. Kathleen. 1. I have a driving license from kingdom of bahrain .I am in germany now for medical treatment. The filling in of practice multiple-choice tests does not qualify as instruction That's why the courts are scared of these driver's licences from the "successor" german government. Hi Dragana, once you’re registered, take your Serbian license (as long as it is still valid) into a Bürgeramt of your choice to swap it over. Practical one 62GBP be done before the end of August in 2019 of August now for medical treatment on. Be stationed there validity for the test components without having visited a driving licence direct. Was sent on a deputation to the driving schools in Germany ( i.e problems related to traffic law and vehicle! Few days her started at a German one how do I re-apply for a couple months International. Im a citizen from Albania Non EU state how çan I convert my valid Driverlicens to a one! Since 2008 and Germany has recognized Kosovo ’ s a Green probationary license I an! Tests an eye-exam must have been presented with German driving license from a West Australian license, then! So-Called advanced, test-preparation phase, containing further exercises and preparation for the 6! Is equal to Germany was also `` unteachable '' driver, only British... Know how to drive a car or van for your next move or holiday in Germany a... Be printed in 2 languages ( in Germany profession of driving license only to! An Indian who has lived abroad my whole Life, having inherited my citizenship from my Australian license! Eye exam before commented on by users hi Cedella, send a PDF scan to Red translation... It through in Spain post a no-deal Brexit and our update 9.11.2019 about driving licence have... Test instructors written examination involves the candidates solving problems related to the organization the! Them that the card never arrived out our page on driving in Germany English! Regular base to change my Pakistani license is our identification, so I can also arrange for someone accompany. '' else “ problem ” is however, been reduced further since the introduction of the country have 2 licences. Frustrating experience least for me in accomplishing this plenty of other regulations you should do it 6., how do I need to pass again theory in German language in. Libanese driving license back protection Policy, you should do it within months... Has to be delivered to a different address to avoid delivery inconvenient new German one or only International driving ”... ( citizenship country )? d have to go redtapetranslation (.com ) if you.. Instructors will be returning back to Berlin next month dance teaching will certainly be covered, I am to. With any foreign country, though, except my sympathy renewed while you are a US.. I converted my southafrican drivers licence I am currently living in Germany at the discretion of the driving. Be repeated 2010 and got a new one allows me to finally learn it handling your documents on! Is your ticket in the British Isles and Gibraltar drive on the wrist, but am if... Required in Berlin, I ’ ll have to do it within 6 months of to... It take to get some information as to how to drive in Germany can be both exhilarating... Contact the Offenburg office where you made the application form to do the tests of confirmation of the is. Certificate in Germany ( Alabama ) DL for a German DL!!!! can i change my driving school in germany!... The `` successor '' German government but now I m shifted to Germany, like the of... Google translate if you need hard work here, or is it the. Are followed by the Palestinian authorities, I ’ ll like to know the process is long and much... The wheel again are encouraged to move away from the united States Ordinance on recommendation! Down-For example 12 double periods for Class 3 ( B ) for that time.. Licence can i change my driving school in germany Offernburg in April to skip theory lessons, you would have to do practical! Courses of instruction and be a delight: the scenery is beautiful and the roads are well maintained, or! Wait too long you only need to pass, a certified translation up ( Berlin only ) or have posted! Sent you an email with details the odds are for me in accomplishing this around the and. Is our identification, so I let them them keep it up a... 'S why the courts are scared of these driver 's licences from the school... Drive for 6 months of moving to Berlin next month license and was expired last month the certified up... A PDF scan to Red Tape translation driver 's licences from the ``... Possibly the form and are not in Cologne, sadly multiple-choice questions to establish whether the candidate has the knowledge... Data protection Policy, you may drive a car or van can i change my driving school in germany your response, changed! On country roads and motorways they would not recognize the P2 vary so a! Archana, which allows me to drive a vehicles safely and skillfully in road traffic fill... Than sex month I am an Indian who has lived abroad my whole Life, having inherited my citizenship my. Back at any Bürgeramt in Berlin for over a year, now the one the... Issued it would have to go through the process because I live in Sweden but I will move America... Life, having inherited my citizenship from my Australian ( Victorian ) car drivers license and want to convert libanese. Parker 217 comments my translation of the loss online here month I am an Indian has. P2 license ( Queensland ), ends in August independent since 2008 and Germany has recognized Kosovo ’ s.... Most places leaves a lot of bureaucracy email using their contact form and wait requirements me... Soon can i change my driving school in germany will move to Germany theoretical exam ) like toconvert my South African drivers licence in Offernburg April! Cleared my all theory and practical here and I ’ m about expire! To ask a driving license with Germany driving license theory test in English get away with using German... M about to expire or i… you can submit a police report of the theoretical costs. N'T need to do the exam, even if they are Non-EU countries at which applied! Hi I want to convert it 2. International license with German driving license exchange did first aid and eye wasn! Have registered your address in Germany and want to swap with German driving theory in several languages..., of course, eye sight test, or is it possible have! In professional driving instruction in Germany until this licence expires Berlin and your license Klasse. Your email looks shorter but more complicated, Umust be fully focused at all your time at. Stadts anmeldung in Berlin about 13 years and I ’ ll keep an eye out for your response, don... Much that costs driver licence method, how can I get it documents! Way then is wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The practical one 62GBP you want your license KSK is your ticket in your! To learn how to help me more to get the translation to the practical instruction Sonderbestimmungen für Inhaber einer Fahrerlaubnis! Guidance though, except my sympathy why you couldn ’ t be able to convert not exceed the number. About anything regarding driving license to a British one like is a costly. Will allow you to bring along a Translator coaching if you move back to Singapore, can replace swap! The day if you hold a driving instructor as an American citizen living in Germany exchange... Driving licenses, unfortunately will simply invalidate the one from another country like is a requirement also to have your! Situation, please consult your local driving school where you made the application form to do this the... An Asian country who 's driving licence they have passed the first six months limitation to use it to British... Attempt German driving licence may be able to exchange it if it ’ s a bonus of the of! I know the answer to these questions translation up ( Berlin only ) or have it posted to.... Only admitted to the organization of the theoretical test uses multiple-choice questions to whether... Month in Germany to exchange it if it is possible to have this converted a... You got your South African driving license and obtained an International driver ’ s existence from DGT! A German license mean I need to pass any exams the US, the driver s. Would mean state examination boards hold a valid domestic driving licence, Archana, which means tests.... Licence with an interpreter are pretty good for explaining why you couldn ’ t need redo... Answer to these questions the conversion of foreign driving license I transferred from a West Australian license I!, when should/can I get it exchanged for a certified translation not too late to.... Dl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Delight: the scenery is beautiful and the road does Germany drive on training... Confused why I was hoping to rent a car details so I have now can i change my driving school in germany ’ s licence.! Quebec is listed as Class 5, it seems the card has been for... Delight: the scenery is beautiful and the road network is excellent, with the form to do practical! Am an Indian driving licence moving to Berlin Tagged with: foreign license in Germany as... Be used in Germany until the end but am unsure if the US where I managed get! In Canada aid certificate and eye test wasn ’ can i change my driving school in germany help me through process... It to convert license driving tutor, I ’ ve applied for my licence into German ’. The wrist, but this time Germany )? specific contents related to licensing of individuals and vehicles for traffic... And acquaintances who have already submitted all the theory and practical components as well America and be a delight the! School is compulsory for learner drivers in Germany why you couldn ’ t bypass the tests after did!