So choosing Exterior house colors is become important. Featuring more than 700 ColorPlus® Technology finishes, the collection of colors is made to order in a wide array of James Hardie® siding and trim styles. While Wilson said he has not seen the move to dark exterior house colors from homeowners in Georgia, the opposite is true in Houston, according to Victoria Hawes, certified green professional and certified graduate builder with Jamestown Estate Homes. It is not overly saturated, so the yellow appears subtle and sophisticated. 5 Trending Exterior House Colors in 2020. This color pairs extremely well with darker, rich colors such as dark teal, evergreen, or deep purple. The Best Interior Paint Colors For Selling a House The paint colors you should choose should be a simple palette of gray or greige. Named after the shrub and tree family, the colors of this paint showcases the earthy green found in nature. Oxford Gray is one of those colors that have you arguing with your friends over whether it is truly gray or truly blue. For people, who are ready for experiments, dark trendy interior design colours 2020 will be an excellent choice. Naval combines wonderfully with a similarly dark green color, but it begs to be paired with a playful, golden color of yellow. While the options for exterior house colors are plentiful, architects and designers say there are definite trends in what is popular right now. While bolder, eclectic colors are rising in usage, taupe will still remain a frontrunner in exterior home paint colors. See your vision come to life with our Dream Collection™ colors. Today we’re going to talk about the best exterior paint colors 2021 that can help you with your enrich the surface of your house or any other building. Acacia Haze, similar to the color of some cacti or succulents, gives room for a variety of color pairings. Dark, moody, and versatile, this deep shade will certainly be one of the most popular exterior paint colors for 2020. If your to do list includes updating your home’s exterior, then it’s time to look at color trends. Explore darker hues such as Deep Ocean or Iron Gray for an exterior color palate that’s sure to be the envy of the neighborhood. The year 2020 brings with it the desire for change. July 8, 2020 Get the Look. A saturated red would look perfect on the door of a house painted with this gray finish. Aug 7, 2020 Courtesy of Ike Kligerman Barkley. What is the name of it? “My favorite option to use is a bright color on the front door when we’re using a very neutral palette,” he said. Homeowners often pair white with taupe or khaki accents for details like columns, porches, beams and shutters. How to do everything I’ve learned, tips to make things faster, and complete your projects easier with results that look professional. This color is the essence of tranquility. It mirrors a slightly dreary sky, looking like clouds that are almost ready to burst with raindrops. Behr announced Back to Nature as their 2020 color of the year and this color is among the many earthy hues that will be trending among exterior house colors this coming new year. Consider chocolate browns to create a natural look that blends in with its surroundings. Keeping with the trend of earthly hues is the Creamy Mushroom paint color from Behr. Yet, in the middle of all these more neutral paint choices, bolder color options that make your home stand out will rise in popularity. Best Interior Paint for Your Home in 2020, 12 Ways To Use Light Beige Paint In Your Home, The Best Painting Ladders For Interior and Exterior Painting. But when it is done well, it brings a joyous light to your entire block! Benjamin Moore delivers the perfect airy yellow that mimics the beauty of a summertime field. Misty is just that – misty! This color is just perfectly designed to be paired with bright white accents. It is darker than Cobble Stone, but lighter than Timber Bark. Among the bedroom interior paint colors 2020 trends are the shades of blue-green color, which you can combine with white, as well. This beautiful red color will surely be a 2020 exterior color favorite. It also goes beautifully with light, sandy accents too. Ever so slightly lighter than Sherwin Williams’ Naval, this flat navy color gives a richness to a classic navy trend that will be rejuvenated in 2020. This color is a very deep shaded blue with an ever-so-violet undertone to it that is likened to that of orchids. “Talavera is a saturated, gray, rusty beige with a chocolate undertone. Since exterior home colors are not changed frequently, you want to consider what appeals to you now and what will have staying power as trends evolve. This is a question I get asked a lot around here! Which exterior colors do you recommend for selling a house in 2020? You don’t want that and we don’t want that for you. PPG Paints brings us this beautiful, deep olive green exterior paint color that mimics the deepest tones of the natural world. Cider Spice, just like Behr’s Red Pepper, pairs extraordinarily well with deep purples and teals, but it can handle lighter pastel color combinations such as lavender and mustard yellow as well. It is one of the simplest designs that easily tone the exterior of the house to the utmost perfection. If Autumn could be captured in a paint color, it would find its belonging in Behr’s gorgeous Cider Spice exterior paint. You can go monochromatic with the color and pair it with a darker mauve paint on the front door to give it a more beachy, warm-weather feel. “A timeless classic, this deeply saturated shade of navy blue evokes rich maritime traditions and storied exploits at sea.”. Looking for a classic and crisp white to bring your home to life? The Essential Guide to Board and Batten Siding, 6 Exterior House Design Tips for a Standout Home, Siding and Trim Color Combinations to Elevate Your Home's Appeal. DIY Painting Tips is me sharing everything I know. It can also be a reflection of the geographical region or time period in which it was built. Behr’s Back to Nature paint color would be the perfect shutter or door accent to a home painted with Creamy Mushroom. And mustard tones go well with both browns and whites as accent exterior home colors. It is often said you can’t judge a book by its cover. The colors that cause most commotion in this 2020 can generate a contrast with what we are used to, with colors … •    Monterey Taupe is another taupe-based shade, but with darker undertones. Not quite navy and not quite blue either. The key here is to strike the right balance with this color. While green may be a pretty popular house color already, homeowners often opt for a light, airy green. Taupe and even coffee brown go nicely with it, but the real winning-pair with this color would be a bright, clay-like front entryway with a color like Cavern Clay. Speaking of gray, Misty is another contender as a popular exterior home paint for 2020. Check out this list of the 20 most popular exterior paint colors for 2020! Where you able to find out the name of it?! From exterior stone, red brick, natural wood, and all different accent colors, Winterwood is a no fail shade. Yes, I like it as well...a light gray without too much blue. In this… But if the cover is ugly, you probably aren’t going to put it on the shelf for everyone to see and enjoy. This shade works extremely well on its own and is great for an overall neutral, muted vibe for your home. My name is Ryan and I’ve been a professional painter for the last 19+ years. This bold and bright paint is one of those colors that you can’t quite give a name to. Light and airy accents that don’t distract from this paint color (such as off-white) work the best. As a drifter I was born to walk alone. This earthy tone is popping up every where in 2020 and definitely a brick&batten favorite. Color trends come and go, and while hot new colors can bring eye-catching curb appeal, tired ones along with dated design features can age your home quickly. Here we gonna share with you paint color trends 2020. We spoke with a few designers and builders for their predictions on where they feel color trends are headed and what color palettes have been most popular in their particular regions of the country. I am wanting cedar shutters what is a good secondary color for the eave, trim etc This paint is the perfect hue to pair with bright landscaping and flowers. Our Resource Center has the answers. You could even go all out and pair Naval specifically with gold accents. The color and design of our house reflect our personality. It can find a place in many color combinations pairing well with hues such as a pale yellow, tan, or a muted purple or blue. Todd Wilson, principal of Wilson Design & Construction in Valdosta, Ga., said white – whether pure white or a hue that’s just off-white  – remains the most requested exterior house color in his market. Red gives that look of a brick house, which is considered as vintage, therefore expensive and … Graphic Charcoal is meant to be married with natural wooden features and especially pairs nicely with extremely dark brown and blue. A thoughtful exterior home color can have a major effect on the vibe of your house. Go easy on the accent though as to not take away from the beauty of this paint color! Hello I have a light tan and medium tan tones on my brick home exterior. This rich, deep navy color is absolutely striking and brings a fresh new look to paler, neutral house exteriors. 20+ Stunning Exterior Home Colors For 2020 Most interio Her favourites include Dulux Weathershield in Tranquil Retreat, Dieskau, Teahouse, and Timeless Grey. I’ve been writing about this trend for years as they started showing up in about 2014 or 2015 but dark houses seem to be moving more and more into the mainstream. Again, these colors are warm and inviting, and when paired with the right trim, they can make a big statement in any home. It is a perfect paint color for spaces where warmth is required. Tinted neutrals are rising in popularity and this Sherwin Williams color is a great choice. You love neutrals and a minimalistic, clean style, but you also want something a little more bright than just plain white. Find the perfect on-trend color with curated palettes, how-to’s, and other tools for 2020 from the color experts at Behr. •    Cobble Stone is a rich, taupe-based neutral that has warm undertones and is reminiscent of natural cotton or linen. Taupe is probably one of the most popular colors on your block. As the name suggests, it’s a color inspired by forests and will look right at home on a heavily wooded property. Because it is less blue, Hale Navy isn’t overbearing and can be used on gigantic colonial style homes with rows of white windows. Paint color can truly dictate the mood for your residence from the very get go. The canary yellow, soft gray mix is one of the major trends of 2020 and clearly brings out creative glamour in the coloration pattern. Your home is a reflection of you, and one of the most fun ways to express your personality and design preferences is through the colors you choose for the exterior of your house. Juneberry is one of those colors that just screams “fun!” Is it red, dark pink, or purple? 2020 will be a year of a new take on neutrals that are deepened by colored tones. House is not like clothes that we change every day according to our mood. “This color is part of Behr’s Color Preview. Because choosing the wrong color can cost your more money or even leave you disgusted every time you look at your house. The best part of a white house is you can do an accent door in any color imaginable, but a bright red or teal would look exquisite. Contents. Just like the other earth toned exterior paints, Olive Green pairs wonderfully with light beiges and even bright whites. This light-shaded gray, with just a slight undertone of blue, brings light to just about any house. Photo by David Edelman Architects – More Contemporary Exterior House Colours. “I think we’re going to see more people wanting to do new and different things or just to have a little bit less straight up black and white,” Hawes said. There will be an emphasis on colors inspired by our natural surroundings. It's very nice and unfortunately you don't mention that one. As you are possibly consider giving your home a facelift, consider one of these beautiful colors! What color is the gray in the very first picture. It is described as being “calm, gracious, and balanced” by the paint company and will surely be a popular exterior color this coming year. New trends for 2020. Aug 7, 2020 - Explore melanie formosa's board "blue exterior house colors" on Pinterest. In 2020, there will be a move toward more significant, more extensive driveways and walkways. As we look forward to 2020 and the many home renovation projects thousands of Americans are undertaking, there are a few popular exterior house colors that will be trending. Introducing 45 trend colors, spun into five welcoming and intuitive palettes that bring joy, serenity and focus to the mind, body and spirit. Stay on-trend in many areas by opting for a deep charcoal color, or make a move to a more striking tone like a deep brown. You have options to pair this paint with neutral colors of course, but you almost cannot pass up the opportunity to pair Oceanside with a vibrant, yellow-green. So try Classic Gold (PPU6-17) from Behr. Read our latest article on this topic: Exterior Design and Home Color Trends for 2021, Protect Everything Inside from Everything Outside. What are the best white exterior paint colors for my house? Yellow homes are either adored or utterly despised. PPG Paints delivers a beautiful, nature inspired paint color named Chinese Porcelain. Calibrate the color right and you'll have a house exterior that welcomes visitors when they roll up to your home. Overall, as I finish my thoughts on 2020 best paint colors for your home’s exterior, I’m reminded of that White Snake song, Here I go again on my own… going down the only road I’ve ever known. This color is the perfect pick for the classic brown-blue color combination and begs to be accented by something bold and beautiful. It offers a perfect middle ground between light and dark brown. We seek newness and fresh living spaces that veer away from the drabby and normal color schemes of the past. 71 House Exterior Colors to Inspire You. I ain’t wasting no more time…. See more ideas about house colors, house exterior, exterior brick. For the indecisive homeowner who really like neutrals but really doesn’t want to go with a plain gray or white exists PPG Paint’s Talavera. Sherwin Williams showcases yet another splendid blue-hued paint color named Oceanside. It also has the potential to raise the value of your home as well as protect it from the natural elements. When presented side-by-side with warmer brown colors, Red Rock Falls transforms from a bright, childish color to a more mature, sophisticated palette. We will discuss: Important Considerations Prior To Choosing Exterior Paint (Don’t Overlook This) Our Most Favorite Exterior Paint Colors For 2020 And Beyond In the past few years, the trends leaned towards cooler grays but in 2020, many homeowners are opting for slightly warmer grays or “ greige” paint colors. There’s no incorrect way to go with this trend, so find a color that complements your exterior to make the most of it. Currently the house is a light green/ yellow tint paint on eaves trim porch area was painted pale green on the brick surface. Read our latest article on this topic: Exterior Design and Home Color Trends for 2021 With endless design possibilities and the uncompromising performance of our fiber cement products, these colors build dreams that last. First Light blends perfectly with deep, rich browns or natural wood. Feel free to leave a comment with your questions, I make sure to answer every one. The paint brand’s 2020 color of the year, Naval transports us back to the art deco era of the 20s as we enter into the 20s yet again! Moreover, white tends to complement most outdoor landscape ideas as well. Smooth and deep, this caramel brown color adds just enough brightness but still maintains an earthy and approachable feel to it. It works particularly well with darker accent colors. 8// Winterwood by Benjamin Moore. Also interested in the color of the gray on the first picture. Enter your zip code, and we’ll customize this site to show you the unique combination of James Hardie fiber cement products and ColorPlus® colors available near you. You love red, but you’re not quite sure if coating your cottage with a bold, fire engine red is exactly a smart move. Dramatic monochrome. Bright yellow is out, but deeper mustard yellows are trending. 20 Popular Exterior House Colors for 2020 - DIY Painting Tips In fact, Wilson has seen a surge in the popularity of bright colors, especially shades of blue for shutters, even homeowners using more vibrant options like cobalt blue. This color is a part of Benjamin Moore’s Off-White Color collection and is the perfect pick for someone who wants a sleek, clean-looking exterior for their home. Hawes’ own home, which was recently built, is blue-gray with white trim and white board and batten. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest Share on Houzz Share this with your friends Share with email Print page. See more ideas about house colors, house exterior, house painting. This curb-appeal color will most certainly be one of the most popular exterior paint colors for 2020. You can also match Juneberry with a pale green (or even a bold, almost lime green if you feel so adventurous!). Another great choice for exterior upgrades this year is bright clay colored siding. This color brings a colonial feel to your home exterior and is truly gorgeous when surrounded by lush foliage. As an interior designer, you will find that there are some home colors that work with any decorating style. Painting Over Oil Based Paint: Can It Be Done. With green undertones, Oceanside does a different take on the colors of the sea and mimics the hues of rich, dark waves that grace the deep blue. Benjamin Moore describes this paint color as “a refreshing alternative to white or beige, First Light is a soft, airy pink that flatters any space and plays well with other colors.”. Luscious red exterior paint trends 2020 This one, among exterior color trends 2020 is a winner for luxury houses. Homeowners often pair white with taupe or khaki accents for … “I chose it because it’s low-maintenance, and while I love the look of the white houses, I didn’t want to have just another white house like everybody else,” she said. "'Greiges' are having a moment as they work beautifully with many of the other exterior elements such as bricks, stone, timber, etc, which do tend to have a greyish undertone," Dulux Colour & Communications Manager, Andrea Lucena-Orr, says. Make sure to paint off the natural wood of your home with a high quality painter’s tape specifically designed for exterior surfaces. Keep in mind: Price and stock could change after publish date, and we may make money from these links. Yellow, when done poorly, can make your house stand out in a literally blinding way. Bigger And Better Walkways. Golden Straw goes extremely well with deep, rich chestnut brown and tan. My name is Ryan Cunningham and I have been a professional painter since 2001. Named and styled with an earthly feel, this color brings the love of 70s flare to new life. Posted on Last updated: September 21, 2020 By: Author Ryanc. Chinese Porcelain is truly a unique and bold exterior paint color that will be remarkably popular in 2020. While white houses with black trim have been the most popular of house color schemes since 2018, Hawes sees a trend of darker homes emerging. Exterior House Color Trends 2020 – What to Consider Currently, new trend colors 2o18 are presented for houses. It’s light, warm, and fresh. Wilson’s personal preferences for exterior house colors, including his own home, align with the current trends – an off-white or neutral house body, traditionally dark shutters and a bright front door as a statement. Chances are you’ll see more dark homes in cities and the countryside. “It could change tomorrow, but for now that’s my preference,” he said. The last popular exterior house color for 2020 is this ambiguous little number called Acacia Haze. White remains one of the most popular colors for a house exterior. A totally new take on the classic gray home color is Behr’s Graphic Charcoal. Nothing beats a simple, minimalistic white home and Benjamin Moore delivers the simplicity of white through their paint color White Heron. A great complement to Classic Colors, Color Preview offers a collection of 1,232 hues that excite and inspire with pure, deep, clear colors that create striking combinations.”. Pair it with light woods and accents of blue or teal.”. This deep color has a traditional feel with a modern spin. This bold usage of a purple-blue has not been very common in the past, but for homeowners looking for a bold new flare to their home, it is an excellent choice. One example is the fact that the right combination between the house and roof colors can boost the … See more ideas about exterior paint, exterior paint colors, house colors. Although this paint color was Sherwin Williams’ 2019 color choice of the year, the popularity is only going to continue with this warm, terracotta color Cavern Clay. The name says it all. Published by October 19, 2020 Modified by October 31, 2020. Regardless, this 20s inspired color will bring you into the new decade swinging! By ELLE DECOR Editors. It is a great choice to let shine on its own with neutral white or light pink pairings. Say hello to First Light, Benjamin Moore’s feature color of 2020. This isn’t just a typical brown and beige. Thinking about painting the exterior of your house? Have questions? DIY Painting Tips is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Thunder hones in on the classic tones of a lovely taupe. Exterior paint color trends for 2020 practically starts and ends with black, charcoal, navy and other very dark hues. Fifty-two percent of experts said white; 52% said gray. While bold color choices are one of the hot decorating trends for 2020, burgundy is a top choice to make an impact. It’s best to combine this evergreen color with any bold accent. Jul 6, 2020 - Explore kay walters's board "Brick house colors", followed by 212 people on Pinterest. This color will truly make your house pop amongst the other houses around it. Apr 26, 2020 - Explore Suzy BonBon888's board "Exterior house colour schemes" on Pinterest. Using a light neutral color for the base of the house gives homeowners the opportunity to accent with light or dark shades. Winterwood is one of those lucky colors that just seems to go with everything. It’s a gorgeous warm clay color and may remind you of peanut or walnut shells. Instead of the bland earth tones of the 1970s, homeowners are opting for pleasing hues that take cues from their natural surroundings. These 20 popular exterior house colors with reign in the year 2020. Todd Wilson, principal of Wilson Design & Construction in Valdosta, Ga., said white – whether pure white or a hue that’s just off-white – remains the most requested exterior house color in his market. From clean whites and pleasing neutrals to cool blues and vibrant reds, exterior paint colors are your home's calling card to the world.