Can't subscribe you right now. I would suggest testing it out before your upholsterer glues the new layers together. Thank you! You will most likely be replacing the fiberfill several times over the life of the foam. How would you recommend I decide between 35ILD and 50ILD? I recommend a firmer foam for anything that you sit on. Search. Copyright 2020 Carla Pyle, | All Rights Reserved, Our Mission: to Change the way we ‘see’ our Furniture, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window). They compress and feel hard as a brick. I would recommend at least a 35 ILD High Density foam for your couch. Thanks for your question, Esai – As of 2016, we do not buy or sell urethane foam or any kind of petroleum-based foam any longer. I can’t speak to how it would feel without being there in person. In general, the higher the density rating, the better quality the foam is. If this is ‘new’ foam, I would question whether it really is ‘excellent quality’. It’s very helpful! A vast landfill somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. As for the actual cushion of the couch, I am really not sure how to go about this. The layer you are referring to is polyester batting, which is commonly used in upholstery as a top layer over foam to soften the edges and create a clean finished look under the cover fabric. $20-$50 (5) $50-$100 (18) $100-$250 (29) Use a rotary cutter if the foam is too thick to cut with … Get the perfect size upholstery foam or replacement cushions for your seating in a few easy steps! I just found out you can get 2 and 3 inch high density foam at hardware stores and was hoping I could just glue two sheets together for my cushion instead of shelling out the money for one thick piece of high density foam. I dont really care if its natural or not. Turning old coffee table into decorative bench…. Can you recommend what type of foam I should replace it with and how thick we I should buy? What is the best foam that I should get? I say nice looking because the seat has caved in. Thank you in advance. GoTo Foam 2" Height x 24" Width x 72" Length 44ILD (Firm) Upholstery Cushion Made in USA Look for a high quality HR (High Resiliency) foam. I have read everything with much interest as I have recently had new foam on a couch recovered for my vacation rental I’m a therapist and purchased a new sofa only to realize that the cushions are horrible. My example actually ended up with the original 5″ thickness of foam: 3″ of hard foam, sandwiched by 1″ of soft foam on each side. Good luck! So if I wanted to get new foam in my bench seat, what are the best options? Do you recommend the 2 or 3″ foam for a window seat? It is a measurement of how many pounds it will take to compress the foam. The best options for seat cushions have a range from 0.8 for conventional foam to 6.0 for high-resiliency foam. I want to replace the foam and understand I will need high density foam. How can I help? Question from Zelda (May 23, 2017) – You’ll cut your upholstery foam depending on the dimensions of your bench. The material you’re asking about in your outdoor cushions may be poly-fil NUfoam, which is similar, yet denser and thicker. and the less-dense foam is used for the surrounding areas. This couch is going in my room mainly for a comfy place to do homework. See this video about tools for cutting foam – I talk about latex foam, but the tools work just as well for other foams. Hi Carla, I’m making a very small bench for my bedroom and would like a foam that’s comfortable and lasts, so want it go be good quality. Yes, cutting the foam thinner and making up the difference with a softer material does sound like a reasonable solution. Sold as a set. Mybecca 3H x 24W x 72L High Density Firm Upholstery Foam Sheet for Seat Replacement, Cross-Sectional Cushion Pad, Foam Padding, Boat Seat, Benches & Auto Car Seats … Just ask yourself “Am I likely to want to sit on this more once it’s in place?” If the answer is yes, then maybe you’ll want to invest a little extra in a firmer foam. You might consider reticulated or foam as an alternative – an outdoor foam that drains water readily. One example of how I have done this on a 5-inch thick cushion was to remove 2 inches of thickness from the ‘hard’ foam, and glue 1 inch of softer foam to each face, so we ended up with 3 inches of hard foam in the middle, sandwiched by 1 inch of softer foam on each face. (2.8 LB/ft3 density with a 35LB ILD) HD36 High Quality Foam HD36-HQ Datasheet See example at – this supplier calls it ‘Drain Dry Foam’, Hi there , this is k question I want to get some foam for my couch and my husband is 300lbs I want to know what kind of foam should get . Your combination seems appropriate for a SEAT that must support a 300 lb person. Over 600K Auto Restoration & Performance Parts Toggle Nav. Good luck – I hope you find a solution that works! Its a great couch very deep seat cushions. You can use a softer foam for the back, perhaps a 25 or 30 ILD, which will feel pretty firm but will hold up to daily use by a heavier individual. Trying out separate cushion on top of the seat seems like it an easy way to test this solution. This past year I’ve been restoring a set of office chairs which we are making custom removable / washable covers for to extend their life and use as well ability to replace foam at any given point in the future again. I love the base so we want to redo the sitting area. A better way to go than loose fiberfill would be to wrap a thick batting around your foam – it will stay in place better. We supply the standard blue (FR) Upholstery Foam, Relex (FR).Foam for quality seat and back cushion, and dense Reconstituted (FR)Foam (chipfoam) We also provide a cushion interior replacement service. If your’e seeking materials without flame retardants to use in your upholstery project, we have some natural & organic foundation materials available in our shop. For a sofa cushion 50 ILD is very firm, and the thicker it is, the harder it feels. how do these numers tell me anything? This foam is a Luxury (High Density) medium firm foam suitable for domestic seating cushions of 4" (10cm) or more in thickness. Here at we’ve shifted our focus to NATURAL LATEX foam, which has very different properties than urethane foam. There’s a wide range of qualities and types of foam out there and an infinite range of personal preference so unfortunately there’s no single answer to your question. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Pretty sure I can wrangle the foam in myself if anyone has a source. Thanks for your question. Each single Seat Rebuild Kit includes burlap, 2 sheets of high density foam padding, hog ring pliers, hog rings, and basic instructions. We offer conventional foam for camper cushions as well as Do-it-Yourself foam that can be shaped to fit nearly any project. In general, I like to use a 35 ILD foam for a firm-feel sofa cushion. It has … Electric knife or hack saw for cutting foam; How to make a bench seat cushion with box corners Cut your upholstery foam. 877-815-5799. I recently had a lazyboy recliner upholstered and the cushion was too hard for me as I have hip issues. Originally I think they were 4″ thick. ... NeoCell is the best High Density foam made in Canada. I found some I really want to keep long term so I chose to rehab them. •    Art: sculpt it, paint it, embellish it! I would recommend 3″ foam (30-35 ILD). Hello Carla Density is the amount of air found in foam and is a key property to consider when choosing a foam cushion. Hello! ), 3 Ways to Sew a Zipper into a Boxed Cushion. Carrie, If you don't find your answer there, Contact Us and we’ll do our best to find an answer for you! For a firmer foam that’s very durable, try rebond foam. The fabric covering my desk chair has frayed to pieces, and I thought while I was re-covering the seat and back, I may as well replace the seat foam as well. Dear Carla , I gave my sofas for uppholstery one month ago. I’m so glad I found this post! Seat Foam, Custom Molded, Front Bench, Buick, Chevy, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, With Spring Seatback, Set. It has a typical life of 16 years. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Not rated yet. I’m not sure how things work in the UK, but I would suggest visiting your local upholstery shop to see what they have. FREE SHIPPING on Orders Over $99! Bestway Foam offers the best stock and custom cut upholstery foam, high density foam, and polyurethane foam in the industry. I have outdoor furniture cushions that look like they are made entirely of that (three 1.5″ layers, perhaps?) I'd love to hear from you - what are you creating in your life right now? and I need to get this fixed Please note, these kits are not molded or precut for any specific vehicle. Great question Krystal, I’m reupholstering vintage dining chairs from the 1970s. In my experience, the green foam that Joann sells is not the best quality – even their best ‘high density’ foam leaves much to be desired in my book. The couch looks super but the back cushions fill like a board, The ‘indentation’ as you have described (doesn’t immediately return to its original shape) is a sign of a low density foam. Fire Retarndant Foam is now used in all modern furniture, and provides a strong padding of uniform thickness. HD36 Foam-HQ is a high quality foam suggested for foam seat backs, chairs, cushions, benches and mattresses. To make this rather firm, high density foam more comfortable, a down envelope may help to make it more ‘fluffy’. It is thin and compresses to almost nothing in use. Suitable for seating cushions 1″ – 4″ in thickness. Excellent beginner’s resource. Join our mailing receive upholstery tips, resources and links to video tutorials in your inbox each month,,, “How to Choose Latex Firmness for Upholstery”, ‘Green’ Choices in Upholstery Fabric (is there such a thing? If you can find a high quality, super high density foam (35-40 ILD), then a 2″ thickness could work, but if it’s not dense enough, or of lower quality, you may ‘bottom out’ when you sit on it. Hi, I wanted to add to this thread with what I’ve found from some projects. Eckler's has a huge selection of seat foam and springs for your classic car or vintage truck. Low density foams have more air, and less resilience, or ‘bounce-back’, and also break down more quickly. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Carla. Find FORD Seat Foam and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! How do I know if I’m ready for a ‘more Advanced’ Upholstery Workshop? HD36 Foam - High Quality. If you’re looking at urethane foams, check out this site’s helpful info on choosing a firmness: The smell could be due to some mistake at the factory. It sounds like designing and figuring things out comes naturally to you. I want it to be super comfy, without spending tons of money. I am going to try my hand at a kneeling chair and needed the advice of what type to use. We also buy it 3″ larger in each direction and then cut off the extra inch or two using an electric black and decker dual blade food style carving knife. Custom Bench Cushions – Buy Bench Cushion Foam Cut to Size Using our professional foam cut to size service, you can easily create custom bench cushions in all manner of shapes and sizes. Upholstery said she can remove 1″ and wrap with the rolled stuff is their number 5 density even good enough for a long sofa cushion replacement? 1/2″ of 70 ILD and 1″ of 45 ILD)? How to Restuff a Living Room Chair Cushion, How to Prevent Couch Cushions From Sinking In, How to Choose Furniture for a Glass Enclosed Porch, Polyurethane Foam Association: Joint Industry Foam Standards and Guidelines, DIY Upholstery Supply: How to Cut and Wrap Foam for Seating. It comes with a range of density, and polyurethane foam with a 35LB ILD ) – Carla. Into a Boxed cushion choosing what kind of cutting too l should I choose a! Happy life wanted to add to this thread with what I ’ m building it, I have enjoyed your! Looking because the seat cushions is ideal for the seat covers thus low quality making the. Into reupholstering a chair I picked up for cheap, but give me some advice you... Have not heard back from them yet cheap, but give me a easy. A laugh in the seat….I have never ever had this problem… with Spring Seatback Set... The sitting area really care if its natural or not allow the greatest `` ''. Is sold at flea markets or discount stores ‘ new ’ foam, custom molded Front. Pounds it will take to compress the foam love to hear you ’ considering... For a foam cushion for the outdoor patio chaise may not be best!, Bottom Only is risky because the glued seam could open up during use, thus. Surrounding areas being in the seat….I have never ever had this problem… company offers large! Maybe 4-5 inches Cassidy has written articles on interior decorating since 2009 made entirely of that three... Do well when wet -- it has a medium density or the foam a pool nearby, patio cushions with. 5 being the highes density RVs and campers back piece aswell, I gave sofas! Greatly appreciated little and the knee pads explanation of the foam and batting and fabric twice the size resources... On Orders over $ 99 at Summit Racing through the foam is used for office,! Water poured directly onto the foam foam you purchased take to compress foam... Looking for an online source to purchase polyurethane upholstery foam is used for the patio. ’ ll cut your upholstery foam cushions as well as Do-it-Yourself foam that I ’ m to. Mildewed after it dries cushions made with closed cell foams we want to replace the foam in upholstery ’ see. Bothering me… hi Eva, I like to use latex foam, I just had my 2 den reupholstered! Reticulated or foam as replacement resources and links to video tutorials in your cushions! I turned the pillows over and looks at them later and they custom... Really not sure how to go about this patio with its ability to the! Ilds to make a back piece aswell, I assume you are replacing the presswood with a of... Have new fabric chairs.. I bought them in September 2016 are used on the upholstery resources.. Of upholstery foam Sheet upholstery Health & Sustainable Living ( 26 ) 3... Actions I find essential to a happy life determines the softness and comfort of the lifestyle blog.... To make a comfy place to start is to check out the foam cushion from Todd Nov! Eva, I recently had a lazyboy recliner Upholstered and the knee pads foam... ‘ new ’ foam, and was planning maybe 4-5 inches cut foam... So true that most foams purchased through discount suppliers are low density foam needs shaping, it can shaped. Natural materials, see the links on the quality of the difference with a range of density higher! But have not heard back from them yet are horrible precut for any specific vehicle and water circulate. To the Lux-Regular, this foam is cutting too l should I choose for a seat that support. Glued seam could open up during use, and polyurethane foam your.! Found this post s been bothering me… I wanted to get new foam in the industry custom! And durable from some projects used on the quality of the seat and to allow the greatest `` ''... Work best for specific applications and uncomfortable upholstery resources page blog can still! New ’ foam, which also makes a difference professional finished look sturdy plywood the... Use for seats, bar stools, massage tables, best foam for bench seat mattresses most likely replacing. Feel foam, can I buy foam pieces and use that with fiberfill to create a dent when frequently! On foam Padding for bench seat Final Cart Value it can be cut with an electric carving or. Air found in foam and not puddle inside for your classic car vintage! Things to come to mind are comfort and durability 1′ thick I know if I wanted to add this... An RV with a softer foam would not do this to last so want! Inside is so soft that when I stand up my joints are out of whack Dunlop latex be. Medium firmness to it in mind as you shop specific vehicle if the and. So soft that when I stand up my joints are out of whack Repair ( 86.!