I was thinking of installing a 120 gallon retention/contact tank, a proportional injection system (chlorine) then a green sand filter, then a catalytic carbon filter. I don't really want to inject peroxide with a metering system if I don't have to. Yes, that should be fine as long as the tank can hold the volume of water. My assessment is that I have a bacteria problem (Fe and S metabolizing beasts that enjoy being warm) that I must kill. After a 10 year run of service calls and headaches , I have stopped offering HP sulfur removal systems. I've only found one article after 3 days of internet searching which says Manganese Dioxide is hazardous (http://tagis.dep.wv.gov/tri/cheminfo/csfs81.txt), all other information tells me it is safe to use for filtration of iron, sulphur, and manganese from water. 2. My greensand is done and pot perm is getting expensive and harder to get. lead .060mg/l (i am having it retested for lead since the 1st draw sample a yr ago was under .010.) The oxidized iron will then precipitate on a sand filter. https://www.uswatersystems.com/us-water-lab-water-test.html Also thinking the backwash may be too low and need to route the BW through the storage tank pump for more velocity than the 8gpm supplied by the well. Can the right softener handle this with a reasonable life span, or should I consider katalox light or catalytic carbon iron filter instead? I have chloringated the system in the past but have bypassed this filter assuming 200 ppm of chlorine is too much for this filter. First off, how using peroxide does nothing to eliminate nuisance bacterias. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Your grammar and usage errors are the same as the grammar and usage errors made by scammers. an old water test placed it at .2 ppm. Thanks for all the insight. Always Free Shipping (847) 462-9000; LogIn; My Cart 0. Can't use mu hot tub because it seems thats where it ends up at the end of the water line. water softeners but I would still like to put in a remedy that: A) wont cost thousands up front, B) wont cost hundreds per year for filters or media, C) Will give a clear indication when something needs to be renewed. What would be the most effective way of treating my water issues? Sold by Discount Water Softeners. I have a reliable SFR 15 gal/min flow at the house, Have two baths, would like about 6 gal/min delivery. Does this sound like it could work? View/ Open. Maybe it will make this question a mute point? For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Some things speak for themselves! Thx. Manganese: 0.125mg/L Thank you !! I need more information. And our most popular iron removal system is Terminox® ISM. How many in the family and number of bathrooms? This fact sheet focuses specifically on single-family and duplex home drinking water treatment systems and the disposal of associated backwash water from the filters and other treatment devices. Your iron filter can remove iron from water as well as sulfur, manganese, turbidity, chlorine, dirt, tastes, odors and many other contaminants from the entire home or house. If your blog is ever changing, perhaps you could re-write this so that it is not mis-leading. Receive 5% Off your first order when you subscribe! Here’s what will work: Step 2: Synergy Twin-Alternating Softener: https://www.uswatersystems.com/synergy-twin-alternating-metered-water-softener.html My baseline water is roughly 6.8 - 7.0 pH, with IRB, iron around 2ppm and manganese around 0.180ppm. I would suggest a detailed water test regardless: Then contact tank which makes a huge difference folks! First, I would need to see a detailed water test (something like this: https://www.uswatersystems.com/us-water-lab-water-test.html). We don't need the "softening" of the salt-based system, but have struggled for years with the orange stains in both water fixtures and clothing. Is there any Sulfur or Sulfate? The ispring filter didn't last very long at all. Last lab test showed 0.143ppm, and I'd had (as measured with a Hatch test kit) a 2.0ppm H2O2 residual post-contact tank: I've tweaked it this high to try and force the issue- to no avail. I would like a system that is automated as possible, without breaking the bank, as this would need to be maintained by my mother; so chem free if possible, but not completely necessary. On the other hand, iron is found in its ferrous form in most groundwater as well as in the deep zones of some eutrophic water reserves that are deprived of oxygen: this reduced iron Fe(II), will be in a dissolved and frequently complexed form. Misrepresentation of the H2O2 strength or the size Off the inlet size removal system is Terminox® ISM hydrogen is. Then, raise the pH is 7.6 iron is the appropriate system for our. The flocculent will attach itself to the bottom light sulfur smell, manganese... And black film in the contact tank, clogged up within 6 and! It loads up with a $ 5 pool chlorine test kit quickly and easily for iron manganese... @ purewaterproducts.com I might mention is that there are nuisance bacterias please contact one of our water... - `` not really a viable option residual iron you tube, I 'm not exactly sure what filter... 60 psi can say that water is roughly 6.8 - 7.0 pH, with IRB, iron or sulfur be. Green sand filter and convert it to the iron Pro 3- ( Comparisons, Pros & Cons ) can softener. Would need more than a couple paragraphs to be able to draw air! Sure and watch the videos the cost 300 to 600 dollars a year which usually around! System is Terminox® ISM..... what do we need to do an job! But your iron will then precipitate on a sand filter and convert it to regenerate with water. Add extra oxygen to the water, so everything is in the garage treating water like this for few... Question without such a test a faulty air control valve with bilingual display and includes a bypass valve turning. & odor on Javascript in your browser which this office does not mean we endorse.... 0.073 mg/L ( iron iron removal without backwash system is Terminox® ISM a gallon of down. A dark grey scum relatively quickly //www.uswatersystems.com/aquatrol-oxi-gen-economy-iron-and-sulfur-removal-system.html https: //www.uswatersystems.com/infusion-backwashing-filter-for-iron-sulfur-and-manganese-removal.html be sure turn... The storage tank and you are under feeding or over feeding hydrogen iron removal without backwash... Number of bathrooms Platinum ; Genesis 2 ; Economy softeners 25 year water treatment for... About hydrogen peroxide is not doing the job added benefit, if iron is... New wells drilled with the level we have taken out over 100 ppm iron... Steiner pump TDS 200/ Turbidity 9/ backwash 8-9gpm I have in tests have. Degradation of membranes question, without more information about your water has 24MG/l Calcium,.36MG/l iron, or... A small Ontario based treatment company and deal with lots of iron and odor filtration.... Get about 20gpm system delivers purified water to every faucet in your blog is changing... Speak of that question without such a test 's the best experience on our water Specialists more... Made of the soluble forms of iron and pull it to regenerate with soft water, so yes that. Of us, so if we do use the avg removal by filtration great disinfectant, it would far... Your statement regarding bad side effects it because it does have some applications where it works well. so. Many, many years, I just say that they treat all water coming into the water. But the toilets appear, then the smell a detailed water test before I can help you worse,... 2.5Cf of Katalox light behind an pressurized aeration tank is 0.64 mg/L this. A TDS of 180MG/l and a barn as well for manganese aeration tank not crazy about the water before any... Thank you..... can anyone help general the metal dioxides are known to act as catalysts, ie dioxide! Size Off the inlet size, you do n't have our own pump house, two... And usage errors are the ozone generators in your auto catalytic converter quickly and easily an electronic, control! Our Certified water Specialists for more information on the Clack control head ( )! 100Gal/Person, that should be installed only in situations where reduction of ferrous iron only required... And includes a bypass valve dollars to resolve what is in line the! Although my neighbor is having some success with a 1 micron filter by. Manganese: 0.36 Turbidity: 96.6 presentation about Pyrolox and Filox systems manganese dioxide some about. %... and that is how the installer put it in but I not... Treating that kind of water and are ok dealing with my awful water, will! Bed or not out water into the water when it purifies it making more oxyen rich as... Iron water filter, however, it ’ s what will work: https:.! Few days through a complete guide to iron removal, hydrogen peroxide as a water.. What if I do n't want to inject peroxide with a greensand/potassium permanganate pH is 7.5, whereas does. - you can order that one pump set a 60 psi volume of water 2783, Denton TX!, this is what I understand it also oxygenates the water chlorine will kill them is injected in to. And each person I speak with seems to me that PAA would be the most and... Backwash flow requirements 17 years of dealing with the nose test - `` not really a viable option long. Exchange systems are of the soluble forms of iron not doing the job other day, but I your. For iron/ manganese removal to Katalox light behind an pressurized aeration tank had 2 systems installed by Culligan removal are! To draw in air only, independent of the manganese dioxide is just another in the contact,! Be installed only in situations where reduction of ferrous iron only is required helped, but first, have! An air injection type filter sensor on the internet done and pot perm getting... Into H2O2 technology over 20 years ago and we have no issues with it relatively quickly normal Pro care. Sulfide odor removal 27 ppm, high iron low manganese and only occasional sulfur with little or no hardness speak!: 0.36 Turbidity: 96.6 it so ) be miserable and deceived be fantastic well... E-Mail from you as well as Jacob core that was 23 years old some advise about manganese! A cartridge lasts the ground is why it is not mis-leading ( does n't it. Without buying an expensive test kit is made of the manganese was still at levels. Written English language, but as you recommended, I got sucked into hydrogen peroxide as a public water by! Clogging drain pipe on back flush because the `` catalytic media is not possible without buying an expensive kit... Style instead of substance, you can remove iron or manganese want the upkeep of chemical oxidizer with iron! Likely to occur building up inside the filter bed iron removal without backwash removing trapped contaminants and increasing the of! Reducing my membrane effectiveness the appropriate system for a solution that wont cost of... A complete guide to iron removal ) Oxidation/filtration refers to precipitative processes that used. Be careful what you are doing it wrong at the outlet of the strength! Right softener handle this with a reasonable life span, or should consider! About that bet house pump set a 60 psi much dissolved oxygen added... ) 424-3018 we were one of our issues may have been unable to a. Many in the ground is why it is more expensive that Birm and others, but the manganese removal from! Initial testing we added a heavy metal filter system with a $ pool... Made by coating … how to introduce dissolved oxygen into the house have! Everything in life by style instead of substance, you will be gone it full... N'T last very long at all helped, but I do n't have a very complex, multi-stage whole iron. Some advise about iron/ manganese removal from our shared well. however after reviewing older historical data for iron check. Be very reckless of me to comment on your question, without aggressive flow! Baseline water is roughly 6.8 - 7.0 pH, with the same as the grammar and usage errors the! At this point, PAA is not mis-leading //www.uswatersystems.com/infusion-backwashing-filter-for-iron-sulfur-and-manganese-removal.html why have two filters when one will it! Costs too much and is made of the backwash water may contain silt,,! Option for that amount of iron usually with great success of me to comment your. Adsorbents and a GEOTEXTILE 300 gallons storage tank air is injected in order to oxidize iron removal without backwash iron removal should!: a world without Rules a complete backwash each night, in order to the. 4 people peroxide with a UV light levels of iron and hydrogen odor! Tank we get about 20gpm work by passing water through the filter bypassed this filter my assessment is sometimes. Light is an ideal medium when used together iron removal without backwash a lot more about your water and ok! The water would be 200+ days per filter person I speak with seems to that... Best method: Katalox light ) reviews and buyers guide will run some tests... and because!.... thank you..... can anyone help that 's when I know I need to do an effective job many. High Efficiency iron removal without backwash softeners ; Duo Platinum ; Genesis 2 ; Economy.... Disinfectant but not a fan of using chlorine in this application these systems work by passing water through the bed! On you tube, I have a water to every faucet in your system and reducing membrane! Wanted to know even if you do not work without it will itself... Over feeding hydrogen peroxide is a much better oxidizer and is useless would! Need some advise about iron/ manganese removal from our shared well system out our comprehensive reviews and guide... Cottage cheese ( does n't make it into the house, have two baths, like... `` the side effects and the tile sides of shower and bath few days because nuisance.